Episode 17: The Scree's Exit Interview

Interviewer: How do you feel about leaving the show?

Haimes: Seventh place out of fourteen isn’t bad. Also I managed to take home pockets full of coins from Goblin Bowling. All in all, it was a successful experience. Oh, and I didn’t die.

Interviewer: I thought you might bite the big one with the goblins in that one. You were the fastest runner in the game, which was part of your strategy. Why didn’t that keep you off the altar?

Haimes: Sometimes running wasn’t enough for our team to win. It wasn’t very smart of them to vote me onto the altar. I was the best person to be with at the end. The viewers would never let me win the game. When you’re in the thick of the game not liking people, you just have to get rid of them rather than be smart about it.

Interviewer: Is there anyone from your tribe you didn’t like?

Haimes: Amber gives me the creeps. She helped me out a few times, but I still find it hard to look at her. She’s too good, almost like she isn’t even a real person.

Interviewer: If there was a way to get back on the show, would you take it?

Haimes: Oh yeah! Are you kidding me? It’s been the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I like the challenge of it, and with people dropping dead all over the place, it feels like home.

Interviewer: Who do you want to win the game and is there anyone you don’t want to win?

Haimes: You may not believe this, but I’d like Amber to win. Mostly because she and I had something in common- the rest of the tribe doesn’t like us. Same goes for Paige. Who I’d like to lose is Gorm, just because he isn’t very interesting.

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