Friday Five: What's New?

1. We will be naming game 3 soon. Thinking of names is hard! Especially when people keep telling you your ideas sound like porn names! Surprised Yes... My favorite contender for DoP was Buried Thunder until... Yeah. Right.

2. I finally saw the first three episodes of Dexter season 3 and am not-so-patiently awaiting the next disk from Netflix. It's a long wait. The show is so good, I'm tempted to run out to Blockbuster and pick up the next disk. Very tempted.

3. I just remembered I was almost finished with a long lumen short story back in March. Why haven't I finished that??? I didn't get much writing done this summer but I'm back on the bandwagon churning away at my novel, Vampire Planet. The first draft is 2/3 done and I've gone back to work on the second draft which is about 1/6 done. I planned to finish by the end of this year and I'm still reaching for that mark.

4. FenCon, a science fiction and fantasy convention in Dallas, is next weekend and I'm stoked to go! I love hanging out with other like minded friends and talking about the things we all enjoy. Smile I meet new friends every year. If you're there, hunt me down and say "Hi!" I'll be wearing a Depths of Peril t-shirt on Saturday. Also, you can ask around. Somebody will know me. One of these years I'll make it to PAX, but even then I think FenCon will be my favorite convention. I've had such amazing times there!

5. Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett is a wonderful book! I loved the whole series. It's also the last best thing I've read. Whenever someone shows off their stylish new gizmo, I always think to myself, "What would Mistress Weatherwax say about that?" Her and I run along the same vein- utility over fashion. Somebody remind me about that after I'm rich and famous and buy a corvette. K? Wink

Delilah Rehm

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