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While attending FenCon, I was sitting in the bar with Rachel Caine (yes, The Rachel Caine!) and listening to her talk about some books she read recently and loved. I made a mental note to find these books. Sometime later, I wondered what other books have my favorite writers loved. What I would pay to know what books Elizabeth Moon, Octavia Butler and Margaret Weis found exceptional!

Okay, so at this time I'm not comparable to any of those amazing authors, however I do have a lot of fiction out in the 'verse. If you like my fiction, maybe you'd like to know the books (and other genre things) I love. Not like, but absolutely love. I've put them in my links section. I plan to add more sections (comics and games) and also keep it updated regularly.

If you really enjoy my fiction, I want to know what books you love! Why? Because I'll probably love them too. Smile Even if you don't love my work, you've probably know about interesting books that haven't come to my attention and... I want to know! It's share time.

Delilah Rehm

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