Who Needs TV?
Monday, 07 September 2009

We haven't had cable tv in ages. It's been so long I don't even miss it, though there are some channels I've wished for. Before the change to digital television, we had 8 channels. After the change (with the converter box) we have 3. It's terrible!

I've moved from watching shows on tv to watching them on my computer, and I discovered something wonderful! I found more than the big networks putting their shows online. One show I knew I was missing on TNT (Leverage) is online!

The best part is, as long as I don't fall more than 5 weeks behind, I can watch the shows I enjoy AT ANY TIME I WANT with 30 second commercials and a handy pause feature. Nice!

We still rent movies and sometimes tv shows through netflix also. Currently, we are catching up on Dexter season 3. I really love Dexter. Showtime and HBO are producing some interesting stuff in the last 5ish years (Like Rome, another show I love).

I'm experiencing a dry spell with games. I played a lot of Harvest Moon and Sims 2 in the spring. I'd like to give Sims 3 a whirl, but my computer can't handle it. By the time Diablo 3 comes out, I MUST have a new computer! I guess it's time it enjoy some more Depths of Peril. I do have some collections to complete after all, and killing monsters is fun!

Delilah Rehm

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Friday, 04 September 2009

I played a lot of games growing up. Well, okay I played some games growing up. Some of my early favorite computer games were Joust and Bar Tap. Of all of my memories, games played and games merely watched played at arcades, I don't recall a game called Lemmings.

The reason Lemmings has come to my attention is because of my love of crocheting amigurumi (stuffed animals). PlanetJune has some cool pictures of amigurumi lemmings (first the ones she made and then a crazy joke a craft group pulled on an IT department). Cute. Smile

My question is, how many of you guys heard of this game?

Delilah Rehm

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Episode 27: And the Winner is…
Thursday, 03 September 2009

And the winner of the first Fantastical Creatures Reality Show is WILLIAM the WEREWOLF!

Interviewer: William, you’ve just won the game. How do you feel?

William: Elated, tired and relieved it’s over, all at the same time.

Interviewer: What strategy did you employ to stay in the game and win?

William: I didn’t actually stay in the game. I was voted out at the beginning. Luckily the fans wanted me back. I gave every challenge my best effort.

Interviewer: That’s right! You did leave the game. Do you think any of the other contestants believe you didn’t deserve to win because you didn’t put in as much time?

William: Probably. I would feel that way if I were them. We all wanted to win the game. We risked our lives for it, and not everyone was able to walk away.

Interviewer: Besides yourself, who else would you’ve liked to win?

William: That’s easy. Nessa. If she won, that’d mean she was still alive.

Interviewer: What advice would you give to other fantastical creatures who want to try out for next season’s show?

William: Are you kidding me? Don’t do it!

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Disney is Buying Marvel
Monday, 31 August 2009



Things that make you say "Whaaaat?" - Disney is buying Marvel.

A feeling of dread has come over me. A little voice in the back of my head is saying, "What if they disnify my favorite comic book heroes?"

 Surely they wouldn't. They couldn't! Right? Yet, I can't wrap my mind around how they will honor what Marvel is about, because it isn't the same, *pretty, pretty* that Disney is about.

Don't get me wrong, I like Disney. I feel like I'm one of those weirdos (and let's face it, we're all weirdos in some way) who doesn't want her mashed potatoes to be touching her peas. FOOD MUST NOT TOUCH! Laughing I don't want my Marvel touching my Disney. It'll get infected!

Delilah Rehm

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Episode 26: Fire Fall
Tuesday, 07 July 2009

"Hi guys," Dedrick (centaur) said to the final three. "It’s like old times, huh? Like I never left."

"Except now you’re the announcer," Ranzkin (gnome) said.

"Yes. You may have noticed Kailen the Fairy was taken in the night by the will of the island."

"Voted off, you mean," William (werewolf) said.

"Umm… yes." Dedrick absently stomped a hoof in the dewy morning grass. "Is everyone ready for an exciting game?"

William groaned. "Yes! Get on with it already."

Dedrick frowned. "Paige doesn’t look too ready."

Paige (zombie) looked up at Dedrick, "What?"

"This is her one hour of human form," Ranzkin said. I gave her something for the pain of her broken arm and hydra bite. She’s as here as she’s going to be."

"Okay, I guess. Your last challenge dealt with elements of water, today’s game will have fire. It’s called Fire Fall. The first person to traverse the blazing labyrinth and recover the fist sized golden pearl wins the game, but be careful of falling flaming feathers, as phoenix/hawk hybrids will be recording the event from above."

"Sounds simple enough," William said. "Where’s the maze? I don’t see any smoke."

Ash colored puffs suddenly rose in the western sky from. Trails of sparks followed the paths of circling birds beyond the wood.

"Looks like they just lit it," Ranzkin said. "Lets call a truce until we find the entrance."

"Deal," William said. They left Dedrick behind and walked through the wood to a wall of fire. "How do we get in?"

"There." Ranzkin pointed to a low gap in the wall.

William bent down and peered into the flames. "Are you sure?"
Ranzkin shrugged. She disappeared into the hole.

William waited a moment before plunging in after her. Fire loomed on all sides and a path of ash lead deeper into the inferno.

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