Episode 21: Scavenger Hunt
Friday, 27 March 2009

Amber the Unicorn-Girl and William the Werewolf walked side by side down a winding path to meet the contestants in a meadow. "You may be wondering which of us is returning," Amber said. "It’s William."

The remnants of Tribe Depths, Dedrick (centaur), Ranzkin (gnome) and Paige (zombie), cheered.

"Just great," Gorm (mage) mumbled sarcastically to Kailen (fairy). "Four from Depths against the two of us."

"Before we begin, I need your votes for who goes on the altar. Two of you will be in danger of leaving the island this week."

Ranzkin voted for Gorm.

Dedrick voted for Kailen.

Paige voted for Gorm.

William voted for Paige.

Gorm voted for William.

Kailen voted for Dedrick.

"Wow," Amber said reviewing the results. "We’ll need an eagle name-drop for the second contestant again." After the eagle dropped stones with missives attached, Amber untied the first one. "Nope, this guy’s already on the altar." She opened the next and nodded. "The two contestants on the altar, one of which will be sacrificed by the viewers this week, are Gorm and Dedrick."

"This weeks Immunity Challenge is called Scavenger Hunt," Amber continued. "You’ll each be given a random list with three items you must find and bring back here." She passed out the lists. "You can begin now!"

Gorm glanced at his list. "Oh this is going to be easy."

"You said it," Kailen replied, refolding his slip of paper.

Ranzkin smiled and winked at Dedrick. The players ran for the woods, shoving each other to take the lead. Something moved in the brush ahead.

William stopped and smelled the air. "What’s that?"

The others slowed as an animal growled. "Woolss?" Paige asked.

Ranzkin shook her head. "I don’t think it is wolves."

Five scavengers, four-legged, tusked, meat-eating beasts, emerged from the shrubs. Saliva dripped from their gaping mouths.

"I don’t think these are native to the island," Gorm said.

"Oh I get it," William said. "Scavenger Hunt. It’s more than finding things." He laughed before running straight at the pack. The monsters charged him but before colliding, William leapt over them into the brush and disappeared among the trees.

Only one scavenger stopped to relocate its prey. The rest continued toward the other players. Dedrick stood in front of Paige, lifted Ranzkin from the ground, then turned and kicked a beast with his hind legs. The animal squealed as his skull fractured and face bruised. Defeated, it ran. The others seemed reluctant, perhaps hoping for an easier meal.

Kailen shouted from the nook of a tree where he’d taken shelter. "Nice one, Ded."

The centaur didn’t have time to respond before Kailen took off in search of the contents on his list. "Good luck," Ranzkin called, jumping down from Dedrick’s hand. "I’ll take you off the altar if I win."

"Be careful," Dedrick called. He began looking for a shelf mushroom, an acorn and sap from a grapevine.


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Episode 20: Unicorn-Girl's Exit Interview
Friday, 13 March 2009

Interviewer: Did you really think you were going to win the Chimera Undone Immunity Challenge by following Gorm? How did you plan to beat him?

Amber: Did you see my goat? He wasn’t very helpful in leading the way. Kailen’s lion made me feel skittish, and that left Gorm’s snake. Yes, I know I hate snakes but I didn’t have to hold it. At least it was indicating direction.

Interviewer: Since viewers chose to keep Kailen on the island, do you think he’s more popular than you?

Amber: That’s a hard question because you could even ask if fairies are more popular than unicorns. I think it had more to do with how we’ve done in the challenges. Despite his size, Kailen is a good competitor. I’ve had a hard time finding my stride.

Interviewer: Is there anything you would have done differently?

Amber: I probably could have tried harder, but I don’t know that would have kept me in the game. You can’t really look back and figure out a better plan because you never know how different actions would’ve turned out. You could make things worse and leave even sooner!

Interviewer: Who would you like to win the game, and who don’t you want to win?

Amber: Kailen and Gorm are nice enough people, but I think I’d like Dedrick to win.

Interviewer: Someone is going back on the show and you are one of four still in the running. Would you like another chance on the island?

Amber: Oh definitely. I did pretty well until Capture the Flag. I think I can go a long way more if given the chance. I had a good time on the island, aside from all of the snake challenges that is.

Interviewer: Several people have died on the show. Do you worry about dying?

Amber: I’ve had to live with death most of my life since unicorn hunters kill my kind for our horns. I’m as safe on the island as anywhere. I don’t think about it much, though I do miss friends.

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Episode 19: Spider Silk
Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Haimes the Scree stood before five giant silk spiders, each monster tethered to the ground by a thick chain. He was sweating from the humidity of the overcast day. Dark clouds dotted the horizon. "You may have noticed Amber went missing last night. She has been sacrificed and was taken off the island.

"I’m glad it wasn’t me," Kailen (fairy) said, "but I’ll miss her."

"Good news, contestants!" Haimes continued. "Your tribes have been disbanded."

"How’s that good news?" Gorm (mage) asked.

"Well, that wasn’t the part I meant. Someone is coming back to the island!"

"You’ve got to be kidding me." Ranzkin (gnome) looked mad.

"The prize for winning today’s competition is you get to choose one person to take off the list. The viewers will vote on the rest and determine who returns."

"Who’s on the list?" Dedrick (centaur) asked.


"Wow! Somebody’s coming back on the show. That’s exciting. And nerve-racking. I pray it isn’t Christina. She had our tribe torn in two and I think Ranzkin especially didn’t like her.

"I don’t want anyone from Tribe Kivi returning. They might gang up on us. William or Nessa would be nice, but I don’t think Nessa ever got out of that snake.

"Jewel would be good too, as long as Christina’s gone. Jewel would keep the remnants of Tribe Depths before Gorm or Kailen."


Haimes smiled. "William, Lorimer, Jewel, me and Amber."

"Nuu owt Risseena?" Paige (zombie) said.

"Huh?" Haimes didn’t understand her.

"Christina’s a vampire," Ranzkin said. "She could have survived. Why isn’t she on the list?"

Haimes shrugged. "If she isn’t dead, maybe dying disqualified her. Why isn’t Lina or Eadric on the list? Barbarians use lifestones to regenerate. I’m just the conduit for the instructions. I don’t know anymore than what I tell you."

Gorm changed the subject. "So, what’s the game?"

"Spider Silk," Haimes announced. "Pick a spider, any spider. Whoever collects the most spider silk wins the competition."

"I’ll take the small one," Dedrick said. By small, he meant the waist-high one. As he trotted closer to the animal, it jumped to the height of its chain, flipped over and landed on Dedrick’s back. The centaur bucked, but the spider didn’t fall. It wrapped Dedrick in its silky web while he flailed around futilely. It happened fast, all in the time it took for the gnome to gasp.


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Episode 18: Chimera Undone
Monday, 02 March 2009

"I think you are really going to enjoy today’s game." Jewel the Cyclops smiled at the three contestants competing in the Immunity Challenge. "It’s called Chimera Undone. A Chimera has been broke into its three animal parts: lion, goat and snake. They know that you are the key to enter the Making Chamber in a hidden cave, and they want to be remade more than anything.

"You’ll each be given one as a guide. The winner is the first person inside the cave. You better not stay long though, because a chimera is a dangerous creature. The other two players will automatically be placed on the sacrificial altar."

"Do we get to pick which animal we want?" Gorm (mage) asked.

"No," Jewel replied. "It was drawn for and I’ll read the results."

"I hope I get the snake," Kailen (fairy) said.


"Can you imagine me on a snake. It’d be incredible! I would balance on its head and we’d make great time as it slithered across the jungle floor. The goat and the lion won’t have as easy a time.

"Plus, I’d be safer. And the way this game has been going, that isn’t such a bad thing. A flying fairy is little more than a cat toy for a large feline, and everyone knows goats eat anything!"


"I hope I don’t get the snake!" Amber (unicorn) shivered.

Jewel unrolled a scroll and read the pairings. "Gorm will be with the snake." The serpent slithered between Jewel’s legs. It reared its head back, irritated and angry. Jewel continued, "Amber will be with the goat." Hoofs clopped on pebbles as the goat stepped around Jewel’s left and dipped its head to chew on a clump of weeds. "Kailen will be with the lion." The large cat loped from the right, lowering its head and glaring at the fairy.

"Umm…" Kailen hesitated and then said, "Can Gorm and I switch?"

"No," Jewel said. "The beasts are locked onto you specifically. You are their one key."

Gorm smiled and then laughed. "The snake is perfect, thanks." He bent over to pick the creature up and it struck, biting him on his lower arm near the wrist. "Ow! I thought you said they wanted our help?" Gorm glared at Jewel.

The cyclops shrugged. "Good luck."

Amber bent down and petting the goat behind its ears. "Hey there, fella." The goat looked at her and then burped. "Gross," Amber complained. "It stinks."

"At least you didn’t get the one with fire," Kailen said. The lion crept up to Kailen and roared, sending him tumbling into brush. "Right then. Note to self: stay away from its mouth."

Amber giggled.

Gorm reached for his snake again, this time cautiously. It hissed and bit his hand. The mage cursed but didn’t let go as he stood up, snake still attached, and said, "Alright vile beast, which way?" The animal did nothing. "Good gods," Gorm grumbled, stalking into the trees.

Before he took more than three steps the snake tightened its biting grip, sawing into the skin. "Ow! Stop it," Gorm yelled. He stepped back and the snake stopped. The mage turned in a new direction and the snake didn’t argue.


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Episode 17: The Scree's Exit Interview
Friday, 27 February 2009

Interviewer: How do you feel about leaving the show?

Haimes: Seventh place out of fourteen isn’t bad. Also I managed to take home pockets full of coins from Goblin Bowling. All in all, it was a successful experience. Oh, and I didn’t die.

Interviewer: I thought you might bite the big one with the goblins in that one. You were the fastest runner in the game, which was part of your strategy. Why didn’t that keep you off the altar?

Haimes: Sometimes running wasn’t enough for our team to win. It wasn’t very smart of them to vote me onto the altar. I was the best person to be with at the end. The viewers would never let me win the game. When you’re in the thick of the game not liking people, you just have to get rid of them rather than be smart about it.

Interviewer: Is there anyone from your tribe you didn’t like?

Haimes: Amber gives me the creeps. She helped me out a few times, but I still find it hard to look at her. She’s too good, almost like she isn’t even a real person.

Interviewer: If there was a way to get back on the show, would you take it?

Haimes: Oh yeah! Are you kidding me? It’s been the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I like the challenge of it, and with people dropping dead all over the place, it feels like home.

Interviewer: Who do you want to win the game and is there anyone you don’t want to win?

Haimes: You may not believe this, but I’d like Amber to win. Mostly because she and I had something in common- the rest of the tribe doesn’t like us. Same goes for Paige. Who I’d like to lose is Gorm, just because he isn’t very interesting.

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