Episode 4: Live Ocean Discus
Friday, 23 January 2009

Before sunrise, Tribe Depths and Tribe Kivi met at the communal beach waiting for the Luxury Event to Begin, followed by the Sacrifice of either Paige (zombie) or William (werewolf).

"Eye we sart so earry?" Paige asked.

Lina (rogue) yawned. "What’d she say?"

"’Why’d we start so early,’" Nessa (elf) filled in.

"Ooh undersand me?" Paige asked.

"It’s getting easier," Nessa said.

"Not for me," Lina replied.


"I was so happy when my team started understanding what I was saying. It’s not my fault I’m missing a lip. Or that I’m dead for that matter. Sometimes I feel sorry for myself. No one wants to be close to someone like me, and it isn’t just because I’m infectious. I can’t help the way I look and smell. But it still hurts when people reject me.

"Christina is the only one not trying to avoid me. I wonder if there’s some camaraderie there because we’re both of the living dead variety. Maybe.

"I don’t blame the others for voting me onto the altar. They can’t help it I guess. I expect to be nominated a lot. If I win this game, it’ll be because of the awesome viewers who choose to keep me on the show."


Nessa limped over to a brooding William and sat near him. "You’ve got to put it out of your mind or you’ll be distracted in the competition."

"Easy for you to say," William said.

Nessa turned away.

"Wait." William reached out but withdrew his hand before touching her. "I’m sorry." They sat in silence a moment. "You shouldn’t sit with the condemned. It’s dangerous for you when you should be making new friends, especially with your sprained ankle."

"Don’t talk that way. You aren’t leaving."

William stared at Paige as she paced to the water and back. "Maybe."

"We need you," Nessa said. "I’ll be useless today. I’m even slower than Paige!"

"Will you look at that!" Kailen (fairy) faced the ocean rapidly filling with small motorboats. "What in the world could the competition be?"

Jewel (cyclops) frowned. "I hope it isn’t swimming."

"Me too," Amber (unicorn) said. "What are the chances that the first two challenges include swimming?"

"Our challenge on Wednesday didn’t," Ranzkin (gnome) said. "It was underground."

"I might have liked that challenge," Haimes (scree) said.

"I hope it is water based." Gorm (mage) smiled. "Why else would there be boats?"

"Maybe we’ll ride in them," Eadric (warrior) said.

Paige stood still ankle deep in the surf with her back to the others when a giant eagle circled overhead and dropped a rock.

Christina (vampire) pushed passed Eadric to pick up the rock. "You read it last time. It’s my turn." She untied the message. "Today’s Luxury Challenge is called Live Ocean Discus. The winning tribe will receive the survival gear chosen by the viewers.

"Pick your strongest team member to be the Thrower. Next, pick your lightest team member to be the Throwee. Each tribe may have only one Thrower and one Throwee. The Throwers will toss the Thowees as far as they can into the ocean. The tribe whose Throwee goes the farthest before falling into the ocean will be the winner."

"Yes!" shouted Kailen as he danced on the sand. "I can fly," he sang.

"Not scared of being fish bait this time?" Gorm asked. Kailen shrugged.

"Oh yeah," Lina said grinning. "And I think Eadric should throw you."

Gorm and Lorimer (sorcerer) nodded.

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Episode 3: Dungeon Dive
Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The contestants from Tribe Depths are waiting in the ruins of an abandoned house. They climb through a gap left by a fallen wall and circle around the remains on the floor of what used to be the roof.

"Do you think there’s anything useful left in here?" Nessa (elf) asked.

"If it was useful, don’t you think who ever lived here would’ve taken it with them?" Ranzkin (gnome) asked?

"Not if they died here," Christina (vampire) said.

"I found a chair." William (werewolf) sat on a dusty wooden chair. It creaked and then snapped, dropping him to the floor. Jewel (cyclops) laughed and Paige (zombie) moaned.

Nessa followed William outside near the front of the dwelling. "Who are you planning on voting for?"

William looked up at the cloudy twilight. "The least helpful maybe. Ranzkin."

"Dedrick won’t agree to that. She eased his burn. I was thinking about Christina." Nessa shivered. "She scares me."

Dedrick (centaur) watched William and Nessa from the window. "I wonder what they’re talking about."

"Probably who they’re going to vote for," Ranzkin said. She had the lava snake coiled around her middle like a belt. "We should team up and vote together. I don’t know that I’ll make many other friends in this bunch."

"Who should we vote for?"

"At first I thought William because he can infect us, but then I remembered so can Paige," Ranzkin said.

Dedrick nodded. "And she smells really bad."

Christina joined them. "Hey, guys. Half of us are voting for William and half for Nessa. If you’re in, you vote for Nessa."

"The others agreed to this?"

Christina nodded. "Look at them." She gestured toward the window. "An obvious alliance."

They watched Nessa and William laughing outside when Talia, the imp who didn’t make the show, came through the brush. "Someone’s here," Dedrick called out, but he held back with Ranzkin before joining the group outside. "What do we do?" he whispered.

"Let’s vote for Christina," she said. "I don’t like how she’s taking over.


"Did you see how Christina took charge? Paige and Jewel just went along with it. Yeah, I guess it’s smart, but the last thing I want is someone with two spaced-out lackeys who’ll do whatever she says. She almost has a majority vote with just them! I’ll never survive if she gets her way.

"Dedrick and I have an alliance since I helped sooth his burn. I can’t believe he let the poor, frightened snake bite him. Centaurs! You’d think they’d be smarter about wildlife. Lucky for him it wasn’t poisonous. Just, you know, a fire starter!

"I don’t think anyone is on to us yet, that we’re together, but we’ll definitely have to start spending time away from each other. Otherwise it’ll be obvious like Nessa and William."

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Episode 2: Interview with Delilah Rehm
Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Interview with Fantastical Creature Reality Show Creator: Delilah Rehm

Interviewer: Where did you get the idea for this show?

Delilah Rehm: It happened at one of my writers group meetings. I was listening to the other members mention the latest vampire blockbuster movie followed by discussing the mechanics of how vampires work, and the idea smacked me out of nowhere.

Interviewer: Is this like the stories you normally write?

Delilah Rehm: Actually no, which I think is odd. My stories, whether fantasy or science fiction, are more action adventure with a smidge of darkness. I don’t write comedy because it isn’t my passion. Yet I love this show and it’s about the funny!

Interviewer: Which contestant are you rooting for?

Delilah Rehm: I like many of the contestants. It’s going to be hard for me to watch them go each week! I enjoy watching them do surprising or interesting things. The viewers made an excellent selection for the cast. I liked watching Kailen work some shapeshifting, Amber sitting on her butt, and Jewel dominating the woodpile building. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Interviewer: Why should people watch your show instead of some other reality show?

Delilah Rehm: If being the only reality show with fantastical creatures isn’t enough of a lure, consider the interactive element. Fantastical Creatures will be packed full of opportunities for the fans to have a say in what is happening. Just look at how we began the season. Viewers voted who they actually wanted on the show! When have you seen that before on a reality show?

Interviewer: What would you say to the critics out there claiming the whole thing is fixed by the producers?

Delilah Rehm: That’s ridiculous! There will be no sequestering of the losers where their thoughts and votes can easily be manipulated. The winner of Fantastical Creatures will be voted on by the viewers.

Interviewer: This looks like it will be a lot of work for you. How can you afford such a massive undertaking a show like this requires?

Delilah Rehm: The same way as everyone else I suspect. We have a great sponsor.

Interviewer: Who is your sponsor?

Delilah Rehm: Soldak Entertainment. They are a good fit for the show with funny, unique ads. Honestly, I wouldn’t have made this show if I didn’t like the sponsor’s products, but the computer games Depths of Peril and Kivi’s Underworld are both great fun.

Interviewer: Anything else we might want to know about the show?

Delilah Rehm: Yes. Episode 1 aired yesterday. Tune in right here at www.delilahrehm.com for the next episode!

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Episode 1: Shake and Snake
Monday, 19 January 2009

The contestants were stranded on a sandy beach of a deserted tropical island with nothing but what they wore. Christina (vampire) started to turn red and Dedrick (centaur) ran along the edge of the water laughing as the waves washed over his hooves.

"I’m heading up to those trees," Christina said as she glanced around the group. "Call me when something happens."

No one answered but several watched as she walked and then ran to the tree cover.

"Is that the vampire?" William (werewolf) asked.

"It’s obvious," Gorm (mage) replied. "And who are you?"

"I’m William."

"I mean what kind of creature?"


After more introductions between the group, Amber (unicorn) asked "What are we supposed to do?"

"They didn’t tell us," Lina (rogue) said.

"Do you think it’s the first challenge?" Amber asked.

"Maybe we should search the beach," Nessa (elf) said.

"Omfen ow hair," Paige (zombie) said.

"What?" William asked wrinkling his nose.

"Air…" Paige said as she pointed to the ocean.

"There’s something in the water," Haimes (scree) said as he stared at his feet.

"Are you sure?" Eadric (warrior) said.

Haimes cringed then furtively glanced out at the ocean. "Yes."

"There it is," said Lina. "I see it."

"Me too," added Lorimer (sorcerer). "Kailen, can you fly out there and get a closer look?"

Kailen (fairy) shook his head. "I’d rather not."

"Why?" William asked.

"I’d feel like fish bait if I got close to the water. Besides, it might be too far. What about you, Jewel? You can go the farthest without needing to swim."

"Nope. I don’t swim, I sink," Jewel (cyclops) said.

Lina rolled her eyes. "You guys are pathetic." She jogged into the serf, splashing water around her feet. When the sea was thigh high, she dove and swam out toward the object.

"Isn’t she the thief?" Nessa asked. "Do we really want her to be the only one out there with whatever it is?"

Ranzkin (gnome) who’d been quiet up until now said, "Can anyone else swim?"

"I’ll go," said Eadric.

Lorimer smiled and nodded.

As Eadric splashed into the ocean, Lina had arrived at the object.

"What’s she doing?" Nessa asked. "Is she headed back?"

"No," Haimes said. "She’s looking at a paper."

"Instructions?" William asked.

Haimes shrugged. William and Nessa followed Eadric into the sea.

"She’s headed back now," Haimes said.

When Lina reached Eadric, he turned to follow her back. William and Nessa came back ahead of them. They walked out of the ocean dripping wet.

Lina tossed the corked bottle in her hand to Eadric. "You should read it next, since you were second into the water." She ran back into the ocean and dove.

"Freaking cheater," Gorm (mage) said. "Hurry and open the bottle."

Eadric struggled with the cork until Nessa grabbed the bottle from his hands. She opened it, pulled out the scroll and read out loud.

"The name of your first challenge is Shake and Snake. First you will dive for clams in the ocean. If you find an orange pearl, you’ll be in the Depths tribe. If you find a blue pearl, you’ll be in the Kivi tribe. Once you know which tribe you’re on, your team must complete two things. One is build a stack of sticks for a bonfire that must be taller than your tallest teammate. The other is to retrieve a lava snake from inside the depression at the top of the volcano. The first team to light their bonfire with the lava snake will be the winners of this competition."

Nessa dropped the missive in the sand and sprinted behind the others into the water.

Kailen looked at Ranzkin and shrugged. "Can you hold your breath long?"

"That isn’t the problem. Ranzkin patted her round middle. "I can’t swim down. Buoyancy in salt water will keep me afloat."

"What’s going on down there?" Christina yelled from the tree line.

Kailen jumped into the air and started flying toward Christina.

"Wait!" Ranzkin called. "She’s a vampire. She might eat you."

Kailen hovered a moment, smiling. He winked and then flew to Christina. "We have to dive for clams. Inside are blue pearls for one tribe, orange for the other. Then the tribes have to build a bonfire and light it with lava snakes from the volcano."


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Male Contestants
Monday, 19 January 2009

The results are back! You have chosen and the male contestants for Fantastical Creatures Survive and Island are: Haimes the Scree, Lorimer the Sorcerer, Dedrick the Centaur, Eadric the Barbarian Warrior, Kailen the Fairy, William the Werewolf and Gorm the Barbarian Mage.

The ones who failed to get enough votes are Forest the Stalker, Bolo the Orc, Zip the Saurian and Snowshield the Dwarf.

This week, the contestants will be divided into teams. On Wednesday, two of the contestants will be placed on the sacrificial altar and the viewers will have until Friday morning at 8 AM Central Time to vote for which one leaves the island and the game.

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