Sneak Peek 21: Jewel the Cyclops
Friday, 02 January 2009

Fantastical Creature Reality Show Contestant Sneak Peek #21: Jewel the Cyclops

Purple streaks run through brown hair worn in a ponytail. Jewel’s one wide eye crosses her face almost coving the distance of two normal eyes. Her oval face leaves enough room for both eye and forehead in an aesthetic arrangement. At 12’2" Jewel is the tallest contestant applying for the show.

Interviewer: Jewel, your height is impressive. Do you think it will aid you on the island?

Jewel: I can think of ways that it will. I can cover vast distances quickly just by walking.

Interviewer: Someone of your size can probably lift a lot of weight too. Do you think your strength will make you a target for the other contestants to want you gone?

Jewel: I’ve never understood the point of kicking off the stronger players. They provide the food and shelter. They help your team win the challenges. Once they’re gone, your team will lose and you’re next to go home. I’m hoping my tribe will understand the obvious.

Interviewer: Speaking of food. How much do you need each day, and how are you going to sustain yourself on the island?

Jewel: I eat a decent amount, three or four pigs maybe. Sometimes a cow. I can live on deer and wild boar on the island. I’m not a bad boulder thrower, even if I don’t much care for flat food.

Interviewer: Deer pancakes! Is there any competitions you dread or think you’ll have trouble with?

Jewel: I can think of a few I wouldn’t be good at like floating, catching bugs, or anything needing good depth perception.

Interviewer: I would love to see you on the show, Jewel, but why should the viewers send you to the island?

Jewel: I’ve got massive abilities to bring to the competitions, and I’ll be fun to watch!

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Sneak Peek 20: Snowshield the Dwarf
Friday, 02 January 2009

Fantastical Creature Reality Show Contestant Sneak Peek #20: Snowshield the Dwarf

Fiery red hair runs rampant on Snowshield’s squat frame. He has thick brows and wears his long beard in a braid. His axe is half his size but he lifts it easily with his arm muscles wider than his head.

Interviewer: Is it true female dwarves are as ugly as they say?

Snowshield: That’s a ridiculous question! I’ll have you know female dwarves are the prettiest of all females I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Interviewer: But do they have beards?

Snowshield: Do you not know the difference between men and women? No, they don’t have beards. Least none I’ve ever seen. They just be a shy bunch; don’t like to be out among other races.

Interviewer: Dwarves are good at mining, but on the island finding food and drinkable water will be a top priority. How will your skills help you survive?

Snowshield: People are more than what their race is good at, you know. That’s like asking ‘Since all humans are greedy, evil bastards, how are you going to get into heaven?’ Oh, I know my stones. Did well in school with math, reading and mining. But I’ve been more interested in dark farming. Not all plants need the sun.

Interviewer: What if the island doesn’t have caves and you have to spend all of daytime in the sun?

Snowshield: I ain’t afraid of travel. Killed my share of daylight monsters back in my youth. Should be fine on the island. I’m just as good as the others. It’ll be a fine competition.

Interviewer: You sound confident. But why should voters pick you to play the game?

Snowshield: Why wouldn’t they? You can’t have a Fantastical Creature Reality Show without a dwarf, now can you? Dwarves are a fun loving bunch and I’ll bring good times to the show.

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Sneak Peek 19: Misty the Mermaid
Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Fantastical Creature Reality Show Contestant Sneak Peek #19: Misty the Mermaid

Misty has matching salmon colored hair and scales. She has large sea green eyes and a generous mouth. Long hair curves over her shoulders and breasts. Her thin wrists both are adorned with shell bracelets.

Interviewer: Welcome, Misty. I have to say you aren’t exactly how I picture mermaids. How did you get pink hair and scales?

Misty: Same as how you got your hair and skin color. Unless that’s a dye job. This is my natural color. Most merfolk don’t have bright red hair, you know. Red doesn’t show up in deep ocean.

Interviewer: I notice that you’re sans clothing today. Is that how you plan to go to the island? Are you planning to charm the other contestants with your beauty?

Misty: This is the state I prefer, but I’m planning on purchasing a swim top before the show. I don’t like the idea of millions of viewers staring at me just because of my boobs. As far as the other players go, I’ll use my voice more than my looks. Some say I’m quite the songfish.

Interviewer: Naturally, you are a creature of the water. How will you cope with being on land?

Misty: I can pull myself with my arms, though not far. I’ve never built up much strength because I’m rarely near land. Hopefully, I can spend most of my time in the ocean. My tail is very strong though.

Interviewer: Not having legs is an obvious weakness. Do you have a strength that will help you survive on the island?

Misty: Fishing. I’m an excellent fisher. Also, I can communicate with dolphins and whales, so depending on where the island is, I might get help from the local underwater inhabitants. That’s the funny part of the show. It’s an uninhabited island, but no one ever mentions the surrounding waters.

Interviewer: I’ve never thought of that before. Misty, why should viewers choose you for the show?

Misty: Besides being unbelievably fantastical? I really would like this opportunity to play this game. I think I have what it takes to make it all the way.

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Sneak Peek 18: Paige the Zombie
Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Fantastical Creature Reality Show Contestant Sneak Peek #18: Paige the Zombie

Paige is one of the living dead with her stench and visage both disturbing. Lanky hair still holds some curl. Her lower lip is missing leaving a bloody gouge on her chin. Dark smudges lay beneath muddy blue eyes. She has three cuts high on her forehead. Her body appears uninjured, though her skin is a combination of pale and bruised like rotting fruit.

Interviewer: For the audience, I have a quick explanation. Due to Paige’s disability, we have an interpreter with us today. However, if Paige makes it on to the show she will not have an interpreter on location. Paige, how do you plan to communicate on the island?

Paige: Most people can understand me after awhile. It’s just when I first meet people that they have a hard time. That is, if they stick around. Usually I’m greeted with screaming and running.

Interviewer: I have to ask it. Do you have an urge to eat me right now?

Paige: I ate before the interview, so I’m fine. Thanks for the offer. Just kidding!

Interviewer: Heh, heh… Riiiight. How are you going to deal with your lust to kill and infect others on the island?

Paige: Stay full. The urge isn’t bad when I’ve just eaten. I’ll probably fish a lot.

Interviewer: I don’t mean to be rude, but you smell terrible. Do you think the other contestants will want to get rid of you right away because of that?

Paige: I’m so used to it now, I always forget I smell bad. Eventually I should blend in since there won’t be any bathing facilities.

Interviewer: I doubt it. Last question- why should viewers send you to the island?

Paige: I represent a new level of a survival challenge for the other contestants. How many of them can say the same?

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Sneak Peek 17: Gorm the Barbarian Mage
Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Fantastical Creature Reality Show Contestant Sneak Peek #17: Gorm the Barbarian Mage

Gorm, a barbarian mage from Aleria in the Depths of Peril world, wears heavy emerald cloth armor. He has chestnut colored hair, a short beard and bushy eyebrows. His maple staff holds an opal sphere at its crown.

Interviewer: You’re the fourth barbarian to make the final round. Do you think that will hurt your chance to make the show?

Gorm: I don’t think so. Mages know how to perform and the viewers know it. The other professions can’t compete with magic.

Interviewer: You sound confident. What strengths and weakness do you have when it comes to surviving on the island?

Gorm: Magic is definitely a strength. When not practicing my technique, I often engage in fantasizing about my future. This might get in the way if I don’t notice what’s going on with the other players. It will be a challenge for me to minimize my daydreaming.

Interviewer: What kind of magic can you perform?

Gorm: I specialize in the cold. Ice and water bend to my will and come to me from the ether.

Interviewer: I guess fresh water won’t be a problem for you. Do you think the other contestants will think you’re too powerful to keep on the island?

Gorm: They might, but they won’t get rid of me. I’ll have ice to cool them down and water to drink. They’ll want to get rid of me, but they won’t.

Interviewer: Why should viewers vote you onto the island?

Gorm: For the show! Who else can perform fantastic acts of magic? Certainly not that sorcerer. I bring spectacle to behold.

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