Sneak Peek 15: Zip the Saurian

Fantastical Creature Reality Show Contestant Sneak Peek #15: Zip the Saurian

This lizard-man comes from Aleria in the Depths of Peril world. Walking upright, Zip is covered in flaxen yellow scales and no clothing to speak of other than the wooden bracelet on his right wrist. He has claws for hands, a spike on his head and a long tail.

Interviewer: Hello Zip. How are you? What brings you to apply for the show?

Zip: I’m well. Honestly I want a change of scenery. It will be like a vacation with fun things to do, new stupid people to argue with, and new boring people to humiliate. What more could a saurian want?

Interviewer: Did you know one of the saurian’s enemies, a stalker is also applying for the show? What will you do if both of you make the show?

Zip: I would do a lightning dance to honor God Blixt for such luck. I’d love to humiliate a stalker in front of the whole World Wide Web.

Interviewer: You sound very confident. Is there anything about living and competing on the island that worries you?

Zip: I hope it isn’t one of those gloomy fog-covered islands. I love hot days under a burning sun. Also I hope there’s plenty of fruit. I wouldn’t frown at having a couple of serving girls either, but I doubt that’s on the itinerary.

Interviewer: I would think not. What strategy will you employ to win the game?

Zip: I’m not great at staying out of fights, so I’m not going to bother with trying. My strategy is to be the one everyone expects everyone else to vote off and therefore never pick. I’ll coast to the end and win the whole pot!

Interviewer: Why should voters choose you for the show?

Zip: Because I’d be an excellent contestant and I want to last as long as possible. I really want to win this thing.

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