Sneak Peek 7: Lorimer the Sorcerer

Fantastical Creature Reality Show Contestant Sneak Peek #7: Lorimer the Sorcerer

Lorimer is draped in an amethyst-purple robe and black cape. His beach-brown hair is combed back revealing a small scar on his forehead. High cheekbones accent his intelligent amber eyes.

Interviewer: Good morning, Lorimer. Do you really think a sorcerer is a fantastical creature?

Lorimer: I’ve made it to the final round of the application process, so the producers agree with me that it is. I think the key element in being considered a fantastical creature is magic. Though I’m not made from magic, I create it.

Interviewer: That’s true, and it brings me to Sara Barnes from Montana. She asks, "What kind of magic can you do?"

Lorimer: I have many abilities, but my main interest is in illusion.

Interviewer: What about fireballs, ice storms and other spells everyone is familiar with.

Lorimer: That’s war stuff and not useful in the real world. I practice magic I can use everyday. What would I do with that other stuff on the island anyway?

Interviewer: Umm… Start cooking fires, fill an icebox, cool down on a hot day?

Lorimer: Illusions are more powerful yet subtle spells. Standing out with that big stuff would just get me kicked off the island fast.

Interviewer: Of all the interesting creatures we’ve seen so far, why should viewers want you on the show?

Lorimer: Magical creatures don’t perform magic. I do. I will provide a show by myself. Imagine what I can bring to a group dynamic!

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