Which is Scarier- Space or Water?

In Vampire Planet (the novel I'm writing), I have a tech situation I wasn't sure about. My main character is on a space ship that crash lands on an uninhabited planet. They need to get a distress signal out, and in the first draft, my main character laments that it's harder to push the signal through the atmosphere than through space. I don't know if this is true and I ended up taking it out, but in my quest to figure out this bit of science, I discovered (and perhaps I should be embarrassed to admit it) there is no sound in space!

No sound. None at all. If someone is banging a drum behind you, you won't hear a thing. If it weren't for suit radios, you'd be completely cut off from any sound other than what you made in your own suit.

From a very young age (I blame a Houston public school second grade field trip to see Jaws III in 3D), I have developed an irrational fear of water. It wasn't just that invisible piranhas might be swimming in the bathtub, but the fact that I felt helpless in water. It's harder to move, to see what's around you, and you can't breath under it (unless you're Aquaman). Also, you can't tell were sound is coming from. If someone bangs on a pipe, you've got to do a 360 to try and find the source.

In water, it's hard to decipher the direction of sound (which also draws predators). In space, there is no sound (but also, no predators). You can't breath in either one.

I've tried hard for twenty-ish years to overcome my water fear, and I thought I'd done really well too... Until a few years ago when I had a panic attack snorkeling across a shark tank! I never wanted to be an astronaut, but now I wonder... Would I have been afraid of space? Which one is more scary?

My completely biased vote is for water.

Delilah Rehm

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