Women and Gays... Sci-Fi Killers?

Are women and gays destroying science fiction? The short answer imo is no.

While in the article linked above,  Pro-male/Anti-feminist Tech, misogynist that he seems to be, has some valid points, I think he's missing the forest for the trees. He states the problem of too much "relationship drama" with an all or nothing attitude. It isn't even about having one or the other, but I think a  spectrum of different kinds of science fiction would be preferable. Of course some types will rise to the top aided by the All Might Dollar. His complaint about a surge of "relationship drama" science fiction is like me complaining about the super bowl. Just because I don't like watching sports doesn't make football "diarrhea."

Imagine a world where most men like red and most women like blue. This guy is arguing against purple. Obviously purple is disgusting and is an end to civilization's advancements.

What's wrong with people liking purple? Get over it!

Delilah Rehm

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