5 things Torchlight does better than Diablo 2

There is a short article about Torchlight that kind of is amusing to me on the mtv blog.

The article is 5 things that the author thinks Torchlight does better than Diablo 2: pets and loot, open classes, inventory, enhancing items, and a shared stash. It amuses me since all of these things have been done before (probably many times).

Depths of Peril did 2 of these things way before Torchlight (everything is the same size in the inventory and the shared stash). Titan Quest also did the shared stash thing. Dungeon Siege did the pet thing. Shoot Fate the spiritual predecessor of Torchlight did the pet thing. Tons of games have had items only take 1 slot. Open classes and recoverable slotted items has also been done numerous times.

Even though none of these are really new they do seem to work well in Torchlight. I don't think pets and open classes would fit with Diablo's style very well though. The other 3 would be nice to see in D3.

What do you guys think?


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