Activision movie idea

Apparently Activision is considering selling game cutscene movies, see the original link here.

I instantly thought of two ways this might play out.

1) An hour or two of completely new cutscenes that contains a cool new storyline set in the same game world, so basically a real movie. Sold for $10 to $20. This would be kind of cool and a similar idea to buying game novels. Extra, cool content for the fans is always nice.

2) Rip the cutscenes out of the game, add nothing new, and sell them for $20 - $30. This sounds like a terrible idea. Your fans already own these cutscenes when they bought the game. Everyone else really doesn't care about watching the cutscenes or they would have bought the game. And charging more than a normal movie DVD, are you serious?

Unfortunately, it sounds like Activision is going more towards the 2nd option.


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