Building on our previous games

One of the nice things about doing multiple games in a row that are the same genre and in the same universe is that each game builds on the ones before it. Some examples: Din's Curse has around 50 monster types, many of which come from Depths of Peril and Kivi's Underworld, Din gained multiplayer support from Kivi's expansion pack, and many of the items come from DoP. A lot of these that did come from DoP and Kivi have been revamped to fit Din's Curse better and to be cooler in general, but we have so much variety because of our previous games. Don't worry we have also added a ton of new content also. :)

In general this will probably continue. Thanks to Din's Curse our next game will probably inherit things like world modifiers, better multiplayer support, way more dynamic quests, random towns, way more magic modifiers for items, and many other things.

Just thinking of the possibilities for future games is exciting. Some thing like DoP 2 with random towns, even more dynamic quests, world modifiers, and multiplayer would just rock.


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