It occurred to me the other day that our upcoming zombie game will be our 3rd game to have some kind of clans, however each one works very differently.

We have covenants in Depths of Peril. These covenants are in a direct competition to become leaders of their town. Barbarians essentially "elect" their leaders through combat to the death. You have to deal with the other covenants in order to win. They are a constant threat, especially since they are based in the same town and can raid your house at a moments notice.

The races in Drox Operative work like clans, but the player isn't really part of any of them. The player is a freelance Operative that works between the races. The races war, trade, and in general fight to control the galaxy, but the player isn't in the direct line of fire. Although it is very easy to get sucked into the conflicts.

In our upcoming Zombie game, the player again controls their own clan. There are other clans in the world, but unlike DoP, the other clans aren't direct competition for you. You don't have to destroy or ally with them to win. That doesn't mean that you can ignore them though. There are a finite amount of resources easily available and you just might be an easy target or they just might not like you very much.


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