Din's Curse expansion?

Right now I think the next thing from Soldak is going to be an expansion pack for Din's Curse. I don't guarantee such a thing, but that's the most likely thing. Anyway, I'm trying to be more open and talk more about our games, so here's some of my thoughts so far. This has possible spoilers below and very possibility things that might never happen. :)

I really want the expansion pack to have a strong theme and would like to do something similar in future expansion packs if there are any. Themes for DC could revolve around a class, monster, a new mode of play, or probably many other things. I think if we did a bunch of expansion packs and tried to keep up the same kind of theme though, a class or mode theme might be hard to keep going.

So right now I'm thinking of doing a monster theme, specifically, Demons. The rough idea is that the various types of Demons have gotten tired of all of the Undead constantly attacking them. They are banding together, calling forth other Demon kind, and fighting back. Right now my tentative title is Din's Curse: Demon War.

I would like to add at least a few new demon types and various new items, modifiers, objects, and traps that fit the theme. I'm sure I'll add other things that are just nice improvements also.

I would also like to add a new class. Two good suggestions on our forums have been a Monk or Bard. Both would be pretty cool. Another interesting class could be something along the lines of Demon Hunter or Demon Knight since it would fit the theme quite a bit.

I know there's nothing substantial here yet, but like I said this is still very early. What are your thoughts? BTW, I have been reading all of the various suggestion and expansion threads. There have already been a lot of good suggestions so far.


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