Din's Curse random dungeons

The caves and dungeons in Din's Curse are completely random. Each dungeon will use different models, different textures, use secrets in different ways, have special rooms, favorite monsters, and completely different layouts. My goal is for each type of dungeon to have a fairly distinct feel, but yet each time still be quite different.

Unlike many action RPGs, we'll have random secrets in our levels to make things more interesting. Sometimes these will be hard to find and other times fairly easy. Each dungeon type will use secrets in different ways- like having all of the secrets at dead ends, or all hidden inside rooms.

Although they are a very old idea often used in roguelike games, special rooms are not very common. A special room is basically a named room randomly placed inside of the dungeon that behaves differently from a normal room. In our case there are vaults, armories, treasure rooms, and lairs- each with a lesser, normal, and greater version.

Vaults have a ton of gold and are usually heavily trapped to keep out intruders.

Armories store lots of weapons and armor racks.

Treasure rooms are filled with chests and usually monsters.

Lairs are the homes of special, harder than normal creatures (champions and elites). However, they also store all of their loot here. Lairs can be death to a standard adventurer, but they also are one of the best places to find loot.

Each dungeon type will look different with different models and textures but they also will have different layouts. Some have lots of open space while others have very tight hallways and small rooms. A cave might have lots of curvy, long hallways or instead have huge caverns. I could go on and on I suppose, but let's get to the examples. BTW, in the final game, the maps will look a bit more cluttered and the ground won't be a uniform brown.

This dungeon only has wide hallways and small rooms.Din's Curse map

This dungeon has narrower hallways, but some bigger areas.Din's Curse map

This dungeon is basically a maze. Notice the room at the top and the one at top right though, those are secret rooms.Din's Curse map

This dungeon is much more open than the others.Din's Curse map

This cave has lots of small rooms. Notice the two square rooms, those are both special rooms. In this case they are probably vaults with tons of gold in them. It's just luck that there happens to be two of them right next to each other.Din's Curse map

Here is a cave with fairly large open areas.Din's Curse map

Another cave with big open areas but has a more shaped look than a normal cave.

Din's Curse map

And last and apparently least, sometimes the levels are really small. :)

Din's Curse map


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