Dungeon crawl quests

First sorry for no news for the last few weeks. I was hiking in Colorado with the family. It was very nice. :)

Quests in the dungeon crawl (which I really need to name soon) are going to be similar in some ways to the quests in Depths of Peril. Like DoP they are going to be random, they will be able to spawn more quests, you will be able to fail quests, and they can have consequences if you fail them or just solve them too slowly. There are many differences though.

Each town has a few quests that need to be solved and these will be different for every single town.  This is why you are here. You are the hero come to save the town. Each adventure will start with different quests, will have a different town with different npcs, and will have different world modifiers. But even if everything started the same, the adventure would still play out differently each time. The quests can branch differently, new random quests will spawn, and everything responds to what you do or don't do.

In DoP, the system could spawn more quests during a quest. For example, a unique monster could send an assassin to town. This can still happen, but now the game tells you who sent the assassin to town. This way you see the connections between the quests better. In this game though, the system can also spawn more quests when you fail a quest, complete a quest, or solve a quest.

Warning: spoiler next. For example, not all npcs are what they seem. Yesterday I added a new escort quest. It works exactly like a normal escort quest until you complete it. This is where the npc betrays you, goes renegade, ambushes you with a group of monsters, and attacks you. Most escort question will be what you expect, but every once in a while you might just be surprised. :) I'm hoping to have potential twists to all of the quests to keep things a bit interesting.

There will also be more variations of each type of quest. DoP had town attacks which were really cool and they had variations because the monster type was different each time. However, in the dungeon crawl I'm thinking of at least having raids, town attacks, and invasions. Town attacks would be similar to DoP town attacks.  Raids would be fairly quick attacks that stop on their own. Invasions would be major, full out assaults. All three are basically town attacks, but they are different enough to add a bit of flavor.

I still have one question that I haven't quite answered yet. How specific do I want to make quests? I can make hardcoded quest chains just like most games that are very specific and statically chain to the next quest. If we do this it would be completely random when the quest chain would start though. This would make each quest a bit more immersive, but only the first time. The second time you see the quest, it's boring. Or do I make all of the quests a bit less specific, so that they are always more replayable? This way seems a bit less immersive on the first pass, but you are never going to know what happens before hand even if you have seen this exact quest before. Each time it might branch differently.

Any thoughts? Any cool quest ideas?


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