Expansion class thoughts

Although both a monk and bard are tempting, right now I'm still thinking along the lines of a demon hunter for the expansion. None of this is even remotely final and still pretty rough, but I would like to get some of my thoughts out there so that you guys can comment on them.

I'm thinking of the demon hunter as basically an arcane fighter that is designed to kill demons. I'm looking at more of a fight fire with fire type thing, not anything like getting bonuses to killing demons specifically. I want him to have a decent amount of magic, but all pretty much close combat.

For the 3 specialties I'm thinking of Reaver, Warden, and Demonologist.

Reaver is a pure up close dealer of death mainly through 2 handed sharp weapons (sword/axe). Might have lots of short range area of effect type of attacks.

Warden is more defensive by nature focusing on not getting hit: shields, wards, slowing projectiles, etc.

Demonologist is focused on abilities that are used by demons: possession, inferno, blood rage, blood sacrifice, etc.

I have more thoughts than this, but I mostly just wanted to get some discussion going.


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