House and college football

Just a quick warning this has absolutely nothing to do with games (well video games). There is a bill in the House (right now in a subcommittee) that would force college football to have a playoff system. Here's a decent link.

Personally I will vote against our Texas senators or our representative if they vote for this. I must like the current college football system, right? No not really. I think it's pretty crappy actually.

However, I don't think the federal government has any right to screw around with something they should have nothing to do with. That's like them passing a law that the carpet in my house should be light tan. It's none of their business.

I also know they have better things to be working on. The US seems to be slowly pulling out of the worst recession in probably decades, our unemployment is scarily high, the health care system is flat out broken, and there are tons of other important things they should be working on. And they are wasting time on college football. Seriously?


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