Hybrid class system 2

See part 1 here.

I originally thought that we were going to have a couple of disadvantages by using a hybrid class system. In Depths of Peril, each of our classes had a distinct type of mana that worked differently. The warrior had rage, the rogue had momentum, the priest had faith, and the mage had mana. Each of the DoP classes also received different stat amounts per attribute point. Warriors get more damage per point of strength, rogues get more attack per point of dexterity, etc. These differences really helped each class feel and play a bit different. I was sorry to see that it looked like these types of differences might go away (and from some forum comments I'm not the only one).

Luckily, I figured out how to still keep these differences and support hybrid classes at the same time. Actually they make hybrids even more interesting. Instead of the mana type and stats per attribute stuff being a part of the class itself, they are now skills that each specialty has. Most of the time these are skills that the specialty starts with, but in a few cases they are normal skills that you can put skill points into.

Let's take the warrior class as an example. In Depths of Peril, the warrior uses rage as his power source and gets lots of damage, attack, and health from attributes. In Din's Curse, the warrior class is split into the weaponmaster, gladiator, and defender specialties.

The weaponmaster, receives extra attack per dexterity, extra damage per strength, and gains mana on each successful hit.

The gladiator, receives extra attack per dexterity, extra damage per strength, extra health per vitality, and gains mana when hit.

The defender, receives extra damage per strength, extra health per vitality, and gains mana when he or she blocks or parries a blow.

Basically, in Din's Curse the warrior still uses rage and has high damage, attack, and health from attributes except this time it is split across the 3 specialties. When playing a hybrid with part warrior, you will work with part rage and whatever the other specialty has. You will also get some of the warrior attribute bonuses. Which bonuses and mana generation you get depends on which of the 3 specialties you choose. If health is your main concern, then the gladiator or defender are you best choices. If pure damage is what you want, then the weaponmaster or gladiator is the

Picking your 2 specialties is a decision based on skills, weapons, armor, mana regeneration, and stat bonuses. Of course you can always just pick one of the 6 full classes or hit the random hybrid button.


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