In-progress screenshots of next game

I've been working on adding height to the terrain of the next game and someone asked for screenshots. So here are some with some explanations.

This is a screenshot of how this scene would look like in Zombasite just for reference (except the player model is different). Pic details - 1358x737, 336KB.

Next game

We decided to change the art style a bit for our next game. We have changed all of the world and creature textures to be much more colorful. This next screenshot shows this.. Pic details - 1358x737, 367KB.

Next game

And finally, I've added height to the terrain which you can see in the 3rd screenshot. I'm standing on a hill in the path. You can see it's much lower on the other side of the wall. Pic details - 1358x737, 364KB.

Next game

Comments are welcome as usual

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