Interesting fight

I was testing something today and noticed an interesting fight going on: a zombie, an orc, and a scavenger. I had a no target cheat turned on so they left me alone. Anyway I was curious what the outcome would be so I stuck around for a bit. The zombie managed to kill off the orc fairly easily. Normally the orc would raise back up in a few seconds to become an undead orc. Before that could happen though the scavenger came over and ate him. The zombie then foolishly attacked the newly larger scavenger and got decimated. The scavenger ate him also. Now there is a really big scavenger running around.

So the morale of the story, the next time there is an out break of zombies, just bring along a scavenger to clean up the mess. They will eat just about anything. What you do about huge and hungry scavengers I don't know. :)


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