Building on our previous games
Monday, 07 December 2009

One of the nice things about doing multiple games in a row that are the same genre and in the same universe is that each game builds on the ones before it. Some examples: Din's Curse has around 50 monster types, many of which come from Depths of Peril and Kivi's Underworld, Din gained multiplayer support from Kivi's expansion pack, and many of the items come from DoP. A lot of these that did come from DoP and Kivi have been revamped to fit Din's Curse better and to be cooler in general, but we have so much variety because of our previous games. Don't worry we have also added a ton of new content also. :)

In general this will probably continue. Thanks to Din's Curse our next game will probably inherit things like world modifiers, better multiplayer support, way more dynamic quests, random towns, way more magic modifiers for items, and many other things.

Just thinking of the possibilities for future games is exciting. Some thing like DoP 2 with random towns, even more dynamic quests, world modifiers, and multiplayer would just rock.


Interesting fight
Thursday, 03 December 2009

I was testing something today and noticed an interesting fight going on: a zombie, an orc, and a scavenger. I had a no target cheat turned on so they left me alone. Anyway I was curious what the outcome would be so I stuck around for a bit. The zombie managed to kill off the orc fairly easily. Normally the orc would raise back up in a few seconds to become an undead orc. Before that could happen though the scavenger came over and ate him. The zombie then foolishly attacked the newly larger scavenger and got decimated. The scavenger ate him also. Now there is a really big scavenger running around.

So the morale of the story, the next time there is an out break of zombies, just bring along a scavenger to clean up the mess. They will eat just about anything. What you do about huge and hungry scavengers I don't know. :)


5 things Torchlight does better than Diablo 2
Monday, 30 November 2009

There is a short article about Torchlight that kind of is amusing to me on the mtv blog.

The article is 5 things that the author thinks Torchlight does better than Diablo 2: pets and loot, open classes, inventory, enhancing items, and a shared stash. It amuses me since all of these things have been done before (probably many times).

Depths of Peril did 2 of these things way before Torchlight (everything is the same size in the inventory and the shared stash). Titan Quest also did the shared stash thing. Dungeon Siege did the pet thing. Shoot Fate the spiritual predecessor of Torchlight did the pet thing. Tons of games have had items only take 1 slot. Open classes and recoverable slotted items has also been done numerous times.

Even though none of these are really new they do seem to work well in Torchlight. I don't think pets and open classes would fit with Diablo's style very well though. The other 3 would be nice to see in D3.

What do you guys think?


Earthquakes and systems working together
Friday, 20 November 2009

So yesterday I added in an earthquake event. It's a pretty simple thing, every once in a while there will be an earthquake that shakes things up and will damage things nearby. However because there are so many systems that work together it has a bigger impact than you'd expect.

Everything in the area getting damaged a little bit will probably be minor to the player, except when they are foolishly running around with low health. It will usually flatten fragile things like barrels and crates. Really unstable things are going to cause problems, like exploding barrels and energy vortexes will go boom. Of course this can set off a chain reaction of other unstable things.

The damage will also wake up any monsters in the area. Any monster hiding and waiting to ambush the player will likely come out and be a little bit upset. I guess this could be a good or bad thing for the player. It will screw up their ambush, but you might have more monsters to deal with than you would have otherwise. This will also effect any monsters scared of pain who have low morale.

Next, if close enough to the player, it will shake their screen around. This doesn't really change any gameplay but it does feel pretty cool.

If the earthquake hits near a weak area in the dungeon (cracks, leaks, etc) it might very well bring down the ceiling on any poor sucker below it. Hopefully for your sake, that's the monsters and not you. Even if it doesn't cause cave-ins, it will likely weaken the area around you making it more susceptible to further damage.

World modifiers are impacted because the Unstable, Explosion Hazard, and Chaos world modifiers now have more earthquakes than usual.

I'm even thinking of adding a quest involving earthquakes. :)


Preorder and beta thoughts
Tuesday, 10 November 2009

So I'm thinking of having a preorder beta type thing for Din's Curse. How it would work is that when we get to beta, you would be able to buy the game for a reduced price and also be able to download and play the beta. There seems to be a lot of advantages for a system like this for you guys and for Soldak. A bunch of other indies have used a process like this very successfully.

I think this will be a good thing for you guys. This will allow you to buy the game for a cheaper price (right now I'm thinking 20% off). It also gives you a good chance to be more involved with the creation of the game if you are into that kind of thing. You wouldn't have to participate though, you could just play the beta or simply wait for the game to be finished and then download the release version and play that.

This should be good for Soldak also. It gives us a bit more freedom to release the game when it is done. The more preorders we get, the longer we could polish the game. This would also get us a lot of feedback from you guys before it was too late. We will certainly update the game after the full release like we usually do, but when a game ships there is only so much tweaking you can do. When you are in beta, you have a lot more freedom to change things without annoying everyone. There is also the possibility that this would get us more word of mouth and forum traffic which would be nice.

So what do you guys think?


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