Gold soon
Friday, 31 August 2007

All major known bugs have been fixed, assets are complete, and code is complete.  Just a few more days of solid testing and some balancing tweaks and we should be done.  Then, since we are doing a digital download release, the game should be available to be bought very soon after that :)


Demo comments?
Friday, 17 August 2007

You've probably noticed that the demo is out now :)  It seems to be going over fairly well so far.  There seems to be only a few minor issues.

I'll remind everyone that we do listen to player feedback, so if you have any bugs, issues, constructive complaints, etc. please speak up.


Demo testing
Monday, 13 August 2007

Just a quick little update.  The demo is now under testing, so we should release it in a few days.

The demo has all 4 character classes, lets you play up to level 7, and has about the first 1/4 of the game world (space wise).  So the demo should give you a pretty good preview of the full game.

And unlike most demos these days, the Depths of Peril demo should come in under 70MB.  Yes that really is 70 not 700.  So if you are a fan of RPGs, especially action RPGs, you have no excuse not to download and try it out when it comes out in a few days :)


Interesting renegade
Monday, 06 August 2007

I ran into an interesting renegade Barbarian in my game yesterday.  So some barbarian has gone renegade and the town wants me to hunt her down.  So I'm out hunting for her in Deadfall Forest, when a rogue comes out of stealth and carves me into little pieces.  As I'm staring at my freshly killed character, I notice that the rogue who has already stealthed back out is the rogue I'm supposed to be hunting down.  Apparently she is better at this hunting thing then me :)

Just some notes.  Unlike the potential thieves in town, renegades can be any class that the player can be.  Also, all npcs in the game have 4 skills that are randomly selected from a subset of the skills available to the player.  So it was luck that this particular renegade happened to be a rogue and had the stealth skill but the next renegade I hunt down will probably be completely different.


Dangerous monster combination
Sunday, 05 August 2007

Today while explored the Amber Plains to try to break up a meeting between two unique monsters, I found a really dangerous combination of monsters: naga priests and liches.  Naga priests can heal and liches can raise the dead :(

So if I attacked the liches first the nagas would heal them but if I attacked the nagas first the liches would just raise them from the dead.  You are pretty much screwed either way. 


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