Tricky diplomatic win
Thursday, 02 August 2007

A couple days ago I found out that getting a diplomatic win can be tricky.  You can get a diplomatic win if you are allied with all of the covenants that are still alive and you are the most powerful covenant left.

So there are only 3 covenants left in the game: me, the Shining Blades, and the Monster Slayers.  I'm allied with the Shining Blades, I'm the most powerful covenant in the game by just a tad, and the Monster Slayers have been whittled down by little battles here and there.  Everything seems to be under control.

Then the Shining Blades launches a raid against the Monster Slayers.  I wasn't quite ready to finish them off since I was trying to finish a quest but decided to join in on the fun.  The Slayers had no chance with both of us raiding and they were destroyed quickly.

And that's when I found out how dumb joining in the raid was.  Since the Shining Blades did most of the destroying they got the credit for the covenant kill, which gives you a ton of influence from the town.  Influence is one of a bunch of factors determining how powerful your covenant is.  Yeah, you can probably tell where this is going.  All of that influence from the kill, that I helped with, boosted their power a little higher then mine.  And just like that my diplomatic win chance was gone :(

All hope is not lost in this case though.  When you have an alliance with all of the covenants that are left but are not the most powerful covenant, then the game gives you an option.  Basically you have the option of taking your alliance win or to fight it out.  An alliance win is only a partial win and the reward is not nearly as good as a full out military or diplomatic win.  But if you choose to fight it out, all of the remaining covenants instantly declare war on you.  In this case the Shining Blades had actually treated me really well all game long, so for a change I chose the alliance win.


Monday, 30 July 2007

Every week I look at some of our webstats and part of the stats that get collected is what search terms have led people to our site.  Sometimes these stats are helpful, somtimes amusing, and many times surprising.

Most of our top searches are what you would expect, mainly variations of Depths of Peril and Soldak Entertainment but we have some strange ones.  Like we have a bunch of hits for Historical Heroes and Historical Villains.  We do have pages that are titled this so it's not too surprising, but when I searched on Google for these, we are the 2nd and 3rd hit respectively.  That's the surprising part.

I also found out we are the 12th hit for necromancer.  It's not like necromancers are a new monster type or anything.  How on earth are we the 12th hit?  Not that I'm complaining or anything :)

Some other interesting searches that led to us: arm statue in ground, brandy jarvis, create a army of monsters, and rpg codex.


Amusing bug #3
Saturday, 21 July 2007

So I get an alert that there is a thief in town stealing items from the vendors and I'm already in town, so I run over towards the vendors.  The small items vendor seems to be fine, so I continue over towards the weapon and armor smiths.  Ah, there's my stealthed thief right next to where the weaponsmith usually is but is missing for some reason.  Who cares, lets go kill a thief. 

I charge over there expecting a good fight and up pops the buy vendor menu.  What?  That's when I look at the name a little closer and finally realize the stealthed out npc is not the thief but is really my weaponsmith.

I'm confused for a couple seconds and then remember I just made it so that rogue recruits have the possibility of having the stealth skill.  Well the weaponsmith is a rogue and just happens to have the stealth skill in my current game.  Apparently she doesn't really want to sell many weapons :)


Wednesday, 18 July 2007

It's amazing how fast a small team can go :)  There is so much less overhead then in a bigger company.  Anyways, a lot has changed since we let a few sites preview the game. 

The storyline quests are finally in.  So much more of the story is actually seen in the game and it ties in a lot of the background stories.  This means we have a normal quest line, a huge backstory, and a dynamic world.  I think this makes for a very interesting and immersive world.

Most of the assets are done.  We still have a few things that are left and probably a lot of small tweaks, but most of it is in the game and working.

And tons of things have been tweaked and changed to make the game better over the past few weeks.  Most of the changes came from the team or the testers, but we even improved a bunch of things based on the previews.  So we do try to listen to everyone's feedback.


Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Our forums are now up.  You can go to the forums by clicking on the forums link on the top bar or by going here.  You can also post a comment or read comments about this blog post by clicking on the comments link below.


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