Game 5
Wednesday, 30 April 2014
We've started initial work on game 5 now. For our first few games we kept things quiet until we were ready to officially announce things, but that was a pain and not very fun, so we are going to start talking about the game now. Don't take anything we say as a guarantee though. It is still very early, so anything could change.

Here's my very current, rough blurb:

In the DoP/DC world, the zombie infection has mutated and is out of control. Now anything bitten or even scratched by a zombie might be infected. With the easy spread of the zombie infection, the undead are overrunning most of the world. Civilization has been destroyed. There are still pockets of resistance here and there; many of these are not human though.

Your job is to ensure you and your followers survive the zombie apocalypse. While zombies are the most immediate threat, it's not the only one. Critical supplies like food are extremely limited and must be provided or people will starve. Your followers can be infected. Having someone turn inside of your stronghold is bad. Other groups are struggling to survive also. When they run low on supplies, will they trade or attack? Other groups, monsters, and zombies can all attack your stronghold. And finally you have to make sure your followers don't cause problems or kill each other.

While not usually life threatening, you must deal with your followers. Their moods, personalities, actions, and skills will affect everyone else in your stronghold. Someone that is upset might drag down everyone's mood or might even start a rebellion. People with opposite personalities might get into fights and cause a schism within your stronghold. Someone saving another follower from a zombie might make them a friend though. Having followers with key skills will be important. You might need someone with the blacksmith skill to repair weapons. Having a butcher might increase how much food you can scavenger from a killed animal.

This is a game of survival. When a follower dies, they are dead. The world supply chain is gone. Food is a critical resource that must be obtained. Vendors are rare and have limited supplies. There isn't a town blacksmith that can repair all of your weapons or a town vendor to buy an infinite amount of food from. Survival isn't easy.

End of very rough blurb

Just to be clear, this is a zombie survival game set in the DoP/DC universe. It is in a fantasy setting and will use an isometric viewpoint. While it's not really a true sequel, it will have lots of elements from DoP, DC, and even Drox.

I know there's probably too many zombie games, movies, TV shows, and books out right now, but I like zombies. :) If you haven't noticed, every game we've done has had zombies in it, even Drox.

Anyways, as usual we would love your feedback. Questions, ideas, and criticisms are all welcome.


Last 2 weeks
Wednesday, 18 December 2013

I wanted to apologize to everyone that has emailed me, posted questions, posted for the first time on the forums and waiting for moderation, or was waiting on Drox fixes for the past couple of weeks. I had a very good reason, but I'm still sorry that I disappeared on everyone for that long. I'm back to work now though and and I'm slowly catching up on things.

So here's the short version of the story: on December 4th, my wife Delilah had an emergency pregnancy related complication and spent 10 days in the hospital. It was scary the first few days and I spent most of those 10 days in the hospital, but everyone is home now and doing pretty good. Delilah is going to get stir crazy because she is suppose to take things easy for a while, but she should be fine. Also our 2 week old girl is doing great. She was 3 1/2 weeks early, but she was apparently ready to be out and keeping us up at night. :)

So other than some recovery time and much less sleep than usual, things should be returning somewhat back to normal.


Drox Operative on Linux?
Friday, 15 February 2013
Please don't take this as a guarantee or anything, but I'm finally seriously exploring a Linux port of Drox Operative and possibly our other games. Our main focus right now is the expansion pack, but this is something I've been making some slow progress on. I don't want everyone to get their hopes up too much, but I also wanted to be able to talk about this every now and then.

Anyway, I finally had an unused and reasonably fast computer available in the house so I decided to install on Linux on it. I did a bunch of research about which version. It looks like Mint might be the most popular one right now, but Ubuntu seems to be a more common target for games especially with Steam initially only supporting Ubuntu. So I installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. This was actually easier than I expected. It configured everything fine as far as I can tell. I'm probably not running the graphic drivers that I need to, but I'll look at that later.

I also researched IDEs a while back. There are a lot of them, but I finally settled on Code::Blocks since it sound like it does everything I want and seems to be similar to the Visual Studio stuff that I'm used to.

So yesterday, after patching Drox to 1.003, I sat down to figure out how to install Code::Blocks. This was actually a big pain in the ass. The painful stuff had nothing to do with Code::Blocks though. I had to learn about apt-get (a command line install package tool), repositories, PPAs (Personal Package Archive), Nautilus (the codename for the file manager that the more recent Ubuntu versions use), Precise (the code name for Ubuntu 12.04), and probably a bunch of other tools and code names that I've already forgotten about. Once I figured out what all of this meant, the steps of installing something wasn't too bad and went pretty quick.

I also researched SVN GUI tools and decide to use rabbitvcs. Since I just learned all of the installing headaches, installing this was much easier.

That's pretty much where I am at the moment, not a huge amount of progress, but it's a start. I've also learned quite a bit more about Linux in general.

I'm planning on giving updates as I progress. It will probably be sporadic though since my main focus is still the expansion.

As usual comments, tips, and encouragement are all welcome. :)


Going forward with Drox
Friday, 08 February 2013

It seems I haven't blogged in ages. :(

First off, we have Drox Operative on Steam's Greenlight. If you haven't already, go vote for Drox Operative on Greenlight so we can get the game on Steam. Please tell all of your friends, family, and anyone else that will listen to do so also. :)

This is still pretty much unofficial, but we are working on an expansion. Unofficial in this case just means that we could change our minds and work on something else instead. At this point in time there aren't any guaranteed new features or content, but it will most likely contain at least a new race, new monsters, new components, and new quests. We do have a bunch of cool features that we think are going to make the expansion a must buy for any Drox fans. We will start to talk about the specifics once things are implemented and working.

One of the nice parts about working on an expansion is that we will be actively working on Drox. This means that we'll continue to have fairly regular patches and a lot of the smaller changes that were originally meant for the expansion will likely show up in the main game also.

As always, comments are welcome.


Drox Operative 0.916
Monday, 20 August 2012

I still have a bunch of help work left to do, but the big thing I'm planning on working on next is the monsters.

On paper, most of the monsters are pretty unique. They use various weapons, use different buffs/debuffs, fly at different speeds or in different ways, some have armor and/or shields, and many have special abilities. However I don't think that's coming across as well as it should yet. I suspect I just need to make the differences more significant, so that everything that is already there is more apparent. After that I can decide if they need more unique touches

Before I get too far into changing things, which monsters do you guys like? Which monsters are especially memorable for you? And probably most important, why?


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