Preorder and beta thoughts

So I'm thinking of having a preorder beta type thing for Din's Curse. How it would work is that when we get to beta, you would be able to buy the game for a reduced price and also be able to download and play the beta. There seems to be a lot of advantages for a system like this for you guys and for Soldak. A bunch of other indies have used a process like this very successfully.

I think this will be a good thing for you guys. This will allow you to buy the game for a cheaper price (right now I'm thinking 20% off). It also gives you a good chance to be more involved with the creation of the game if you are into that kind of thing. You wouldn't have to participate though, you could just play the beta or simply wait for the game to be finished and then download the release version and play that.

This should be good for Soldak also. It gives us a bit more freedom to release the game when it is done. The more preorders we get, the longer we could polish the game. This would also get us a lot of feedback from you guys before it was too late. We will certainly update the game after the full release like we usually do, but when a game ships there is only so much tweaking you can do. When you are in beta, you have a lot more freedom to change things without annoying everyone. There is also the possibility that this would get us more word of mouth and forum traffic which would be nice.

So what do you guys think?


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