Small battle

In one of my play testing sessions today, I had an interesting "little" encounter that I thought I would share.

I was on a quest to rescue a priest that had gotten trapped in the Lorelle Grassland.  So I stroll over to that zone and start looking around for her, when I run smack into what looks like a warzone.  Right there is the priest I'm supposed to be rescuing and also as an added bonus there is a wandering barbarian warrior from town that I could recruit if I could get to him.  Unfortunately, there were 3 dimensional gates, 6 plaguebringers, a bunch of styracs, and a screenful of plaguebringer larva in the way.

So there is a ton of monsters killing everything in sight but it's worse than it sounds so far.  Dimensional gates are an evil creation that spawn in more monsters and all three of them had been spawning plaguebringers.  And to compound the problem, one of the plaguebringers main attacks is to spawn plaguebringer larva.  Hence the screenful of larva.  Oh, and did I mention that styracs special attack is a stun attack?  Yeah, I found out the hard way that lots of spawning creatures and stun is a painful combination. 

I didn't even come close to rescuing the priest or the recruiting the warrior, they both died fairly quickly.  I did manage to live through the battle though and picked up a couple cool items including a unique leather belt called Blight.  By the end of the battle I managed to kill 6 dimensional gates, 20+ plaguebringers, 20+ styracs, and well over a 100 plaguebringer larva.

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