Some examples of consequences
Today I found another few good examples of how consequences work in Depths of Peril.  I was out in the Amber Meadows trying to find the last few items I needed to fix the town's food supply from being poisoned.  Apparently, I was doing a really good job at ignoring an uprising of Sand Amorphs though and they decided to attack the town.  Well, before I can even gate back to town, they had killed the town's armorsmith.  At least I knew where they were. 

So I run over to where the armorsmith usually is and there is just a massive amount of amorphs all over the place.  They pretty much killed everyone in town and were beating the crap out of me and my recruit, so I led some of them back to my covenant where I had 2 more recruits and 4 guards waiting for them.  Yeah, that wasn't such a good plan.  They proceeded to kill everyone in my covenant and then started pummeling my lifestone.  That's when I ran out of food and potions and realized that all of my vendors were dead, so I wasn't going to be getting any more any time soon. 

Well luckily your lifestone will resurrect you and your recruits after a short period of time and you can use it to slowly heal yourself so I wasn't totally screwed.  Anyways, after a pretty long and tense battle, I finally manage to kill off all of the amorphs that are attacking my covenant.  My recruits and I had all died many times and our lifestone was down to just a sliver of health but we had lived through it.  Unfortunately, we had only killed about half of the attacking amorphs. 

I then ran back over to the center of town to try to fend off the rest of the attack and started the next battle.  This is when I noticed that while I was fighting to keep my covenant from being destroyed, the only other covenant still left alive (The Gilded Coin) was fighting the monsters in the center of town.  Cool, so I have help this time.  Between the two covenants we actually do pretty well and wipe out all of the amorphs and now only have to destroy the gate that allows more monsters to gate into the town.  I'm about to destroy the gate when the other covenant teleports out all of a sudden.  I thought that was very strange but was too intent on destroying the gate before any more amorphs could spawn to care too much.

That's when the other covenant decided that I had let our relationship deteriorate too far and that they should take advantage of the situation.  Yep, they decided to raid my house right then.  I had no chance.  I had no supplies left, all of my guards were dead, and my lifestone was already nearly destroyed.

I have a feeling I know which covenant will be the first to be destroyed in my next game :)  Actually, the really funny thing was in the middle of my covenant being attacked by all of the amorphs I managed to pick up Tover's Vest (a set item) and Shadowblade (a unique short sword) so even though I lost a game, I made out pretty well.

Ok, so the quick lessons of the day: 1) don't ignore monster uprisings, 2) don't lead things back to you house unless you are really sure that you can handle them pretty easily, 3) keep supplied a little better because your supply is not guaranteed, and 4) pay more attention to your relationship with the other covenants or they will decide to screw you at the worst possible time.

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