Space Setting: Races

This is starting to be pretty typical of our games but in our upcoming space action RPG we are going to have a really cool, dynamic setting for the game to take place in. There are four main components of this: multiple races fighting for dominance, an economy, "monsters", and dynamic events. Today I'm just going to talk about the races part of this.

With each new game that you play you are thrust into a brewing war. While you are only playing a mercenary, there are multiple alien races that have just begun to colonize this region of space. Each race starts off with only one colony and a few ships, but their ultimate goal is to take over the entire region by whatever means is necessary.

At the very beginning they only know about their home planet so they must send scout ships out to find where the best planets are to colonize and to locate potential enemies. Once they find good planets they build and send a colony ship to colonize the planet. Once colonized, the planet starts generating resources for the race that controls it.

Eventually the races will run into one another and they will start to talk. Considering that they all have the same goal of taking over the entire region, diplomacy can only go so far. They can and do trade and forge alliances, but battles and wars are common.

All of the races know that war is most likely inevitable so they will build fleets of ships to protect their colonized planets. When ready they will also build fleets of ships and attack their enemies.

That is essentially the goal of the races as a whole. However each race is fairly different from one another. They have different advantages and disadvantages and this greatly changes their strategies. One race might focus on scouting out the best planets as quickly as possible. Another race might focus on grabbing as many planets as possible, good or bad. Another race might focus on improving their technology or economy to give them a technological or economic edge. Other races might not bother too much with colonizing and just take everything they need be force. In other words all of the races will be very unique.

With all of this going on the galaxy will never be a boring place. The player's job is to survive this mess, make lots of money, and preferably ally themselves with the race that ultimately conquers this part of the galaxy.


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