Time traveler video

This isn't about video games, but it amuses me. :) Ok, there's this video clip that's going around from 1928 with someone that vaguely looks like they are talking on a cell phone. I don't have the link any more, but I'm sure Google could find it pretty quick. So some people are asking the question of whether or not it is a time traveler.

This is probably just someone trying to get hits on their website, but really? A time traveler? My programmer brain immediately points out 3 "small" flaws. 1) Where exactly is the cell tower that is hosting the cell phone call? 2) Are you really trying to tell me that a future human civilization has built a working time machine, has travelled back to 1928, but still uses cell phones? 3) They travelled back in time once, but they didn't bother to go back in time again to fix their screw up?


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