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I thought I would start gathering my latest tweets into a blog post every once in a while so that those of you that aren't following us on twitter or facebook could enjoy this stuff also. I'm also expanding on them a bit.

Left Din on all night, came back this morning and all the townpeople are zombies, funny thing is they are all standing in their normal spots. What happened is that zombies raided the town and starting killing everyone. As each npc died in town they raised back up as a new undead to help kill off the rest of the living. Once they were done and had nothing left to do they all walked walk to the original spots and stood there like nothing had ever happened.

I'll just let the skeleton kill him is a bad strategy in Din's Curse (the victim will just rise back up as the undead). I've actually done this multiple times now. It doesn't help any. Do what they should do in the movies and kill it off before it just raises back up.

Added a bunch of new unique items today. Yeah more items. :)

Fixed a major performance issue today, ultimately needed to run a vtune (performance analyzer) build and a 5 player game to track it down. The system was getting confused and it was sending a lot more entities across the network than it needed to.

While testing today, I ran from some monsters by using a walk through walls cheat; the ghost floated throught the wall and killed me anyway. :) It's interesting how many things surprise me, but that is one of my goals for this game.

Had another good play test session today, my weaponmaster/healer pales in comparison to Delilah's assassin/sorcerer though. Both characters seem too weak over all still. However, the sorcerer's tornado skill is way over powered.


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