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Here's some of my latest tweets from twitter / facebook with a bit more explanation.
Working on an interview again today, will hopefully be done soon. This was the Tales of the Rampant Coyote. It took me way too long to answer these (not because of the questions, I was just busy).

Submitting to game contests is a really big pain (way too much legal crap to read). I actually wrote this after submitting to PAX. However, I wrote this tweet thinking about most of the other contests we have entered. The PAX agreement in comparison is awesome. It is very short and in plain English.

Started thinking about expansion pack ideas today. I'm still thinking about expansion pack ideas, but we are much more likely to be going forward with this.

Just solved a meeting quest by accidentally triggering a trap, the 4th or 5th subsequent explosion killed the 2 monsters in the meeting. It was quite funny. Things just kept blowing up further and further into the distance, all of them out of sight. I went from oh god I hope that trap doesn't kill me to oh I somehow just solved a quest really quickly.

I know that I should leave blast triggers alone when playing hardcore but I just can't help myself. :) I'm a bit more careful but I still pull most of them (at least when it's not obvious I'm going to get caught in the explosion).


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