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Here's some of my latest tweets from twitter / facebook with a bit more explanation.

Been trying to drum up more Din's Curse reviews for the past couple days, email can be exhausting. No more comment probably needed. :)

Added 5 new types of harder character options today (Ego, Unlucky, Poverty, Honorable Death, and Fragile). These all made it into version 1.002 of Din's Curse.

I finally tracked down a master server crash today. :) This was actually a big pain. I had more and more debug prints running on the master server for a few weeks. Finally tracked it down though and it was a pretty simple fix.

I started putting some real thought into a new class for the Din's Curse expansion today. This is still most likely going to be a Demon Hunter.

For some "unknown" reason I just thought of this skill: Cat Sneeze - enemy runs away in fear of more mucus. This unknown reason of course being the kitten on my desk that had just sneezed on my hand.

Possible Din's Curse expansion skill: Demonic Control. Assuming this makes it into the expansion, the idea is that you can temporarily gain control of an enemy through this spell.

Actually got some code done for the expansion today. :) I believe this was actually just code to have the main game and expansion to play nicely together, but it was progress.

Seeing if I can add a perspective view mode to Din's Curse. This was actually a pain.

Din's Curse is now on Impulse. :)

There was a great battle and I finally conquered the fierce beast commonly known as math. This was more perspective mode stuff. I've actually had a perspective view in the code base for a long time. I needed to build correct frustums for culling, make sure everything in view was actually drawn, be able to click on things correctly, and various other little things. All of that sounds pretty simple except it involves a lot of math. I basically have a minor in math, but it has been a while since I have done some of this stuff. :)

Running around in Din's Curse with a perspective view is just strange, I'm so used to the old view. It's just weird because I've been looking at basically the same view point in this engine for the past 6 years.


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