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Here's some of my latest tweets from twitter / facebook with a bit more explanation.

Added our first new demon into the expansion today. A couple more to go and many different versions.

Added better shadows into the game today (that really wasn't the plan at the start of the day. :) This was one of those, I wonder how hard this would be type of things.

Every time I speed up the engine some it seems it find something else to slow it down. In this case I made some culling optimizations and then added in the new shadows option.

Figured out a way to make some of the line of sight stuff look better today. When something that you have already seen goes back out of sight, it is much less likely to blink all of the way back to black.

Cliff is hilarious sometimes, I'm either not that brave or not that foolish - This was Cliff's public spat with Mark Rein at Epic. Note: I have no issues with Mark or Cliff, the whole thing was just amusing.

Non-game related: I've read 7 Patricia Briggs books so far this month. I've never read her stuff before. They are pretty good. This is now actually 14 over the last 2 months. I like her Mercedes Thompson and Alpha & Omega series the most so far.

Still working on Din's Curse 1.003, keep finding little things I need to fix, looks like patch will come out next week. This was a big patch with major new features. Looking back on it I wish I had put much of this in the original version.

Had a minor but frustrating hiccup today with the patch so I'm pretty sure beta 1.003 will come out tomorrow. This was actually a zip vs loose files issue that I caught at the last second. The new shadow stuff was reliant on the loading order of the shaders and having the files in zips changed it. So all of a sudden it just broke.

Non gaming related: went to the Fort Worth zoo yesterday, had a chimp charge me & smack the glass wall in front of me with his hands. This was pretty amusing. It really looked like he was trying to challenge me.

Lots of publisher and reviewer emails today, oh and shareholder/director meetings by myself. All corporations legally have to have shareholder and director meetings each year. So each year I have 2 meetings all by myself. They for some reason go really fast.

Working on lots of new builds today - patches, full builds, and demos, unfortunately it's really boring work. I at least have these processes written down so that they are as quick as possible, still really boring though.

Woke up this morning and decided to sneak in an extra world option into patch 1.005 (very fast pace). I thought I was done, but for some reason decided to sneak in another feature. Some times it's really nice being an indie.


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