Most of this week I've been working on monsters. I've had a lot I could say about the monsters, but I've hesitated because I don't want to spoil too many of the surprises in the game. To show a bit of the direction I'm going with the monsters, but not contain too many spoilers I'm going to talk about the undead. This will contain some spoilers so if that will bother you, don't read any further.

We have had zombies, skeletons, and liches in both of our previous games and I think they were cool in both games. Here's how they work in DoP and Kivi: Skeletons are slow and have melee and ranged versions.  Zombies are usually slow, but every once in a while can get a huge movement speed bonus. Liches can raise the dead and have draining and ranged attacks.

In the dungeon crawl, they can still do everything they did before but they also have a lot more depth. First of all skeletons and zombies aren't very bright. When they are uncontrolled they will attack just about anything. So you might find a group of zombies attacking a couple hulks. We've had monsters fight monsters before, but what happens if the zombies kill one of the hulks? If you have watched any zombie movies before you know the answer. Up rises an undead version of the hulk, but now it fights on the side of the undead and the other hulk is screwed. Of course, after they have killed and infected the other hulk, you are likely to be next.

If there was a lich nearby everything would be different. The lich will take control of all of the zombies and they will only attack what the lich allows them to, so in this case they will ignore the hulks and come straight after you. They also act more as a group. If you attack one of the zombies the lich will know and will tell all of his zombies to go kill you. Did I mention that controlled zombies are also faster and stronger? Well they are. If you manage to kill the lich though, the zombies will go back to their uncontrolled behavior and lose their bonuses.

These new changes have other ramifications that are going to be interesting. I'm pretty sure there is going to be a world modifier that increased the chances of undead. When this happens are the undead just going to kill off all of the other monsters? What happens when a horde of zombies attacks the town? How are you going to feel about killing your own npcs after they are zombies?

As usual I think all of the interactions are going to make this a very interesting game and these are just the changes to these 3 types of monsters. I have made a lot of changes to other monsters this week. We will also have a number of new monster types.


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