Item attributes

These are all of the things that you can specify to build a unique item.

  • Name
  • Desc - very short description (optional)
  • Item type (see below)
  • 5 modifiers - no repeats, max of 2 damage related modifiers, max of one proc, and they have to match your item type (see below)
  • Level (1 - 100)
  • In game icon you want to use (has to be of the same type of item) (optional)

Item type:

  • Weapons - axe (1 handed or 2 handed), bow, dagger, mace (1 handed or 2 handed), staff, sword (1 handed or 2 handed), wand, or
  • Armor - belt (cloth, leather, mail, or plate), boots (cloth, leather, mail, or plate), cape, chest piece (cloth, leather, mail, or plate), gloves (cloth, leather, mail, or plate), greaves (cloth, leather, mail, or plate), helmet (cloth, leather, mail, or plate), shoulders (cloth, leather, mail, or plate), wrists (cloth, leather, mail, or plate) or
  • Other - bag, jewelry, necklace, relic, ring, or shield


  • Armor only - armor, armor mult, cursed proc blink, cursed proc petrify, cursed proc weaken, ego fear (pick a monster), mana steal hit taken, proc Avatar, proc Blinding Flash, proc Bravery, proc Caltrops, proc Charges, proc Curse, proc Disease, proc Divine Intervention, proc Frost, proc Frost Nova, proc Fury, proc Haste, proc Holy Shield, proc Petrify, proc Rage, proc Reflection, proc Slow, proc Stun, and proc Weakness
  • Weapons only - attack and damage mult, cold damage, cursed proc slow, damage, damage max, damage max mult, damage min, damamge mult, ego enemy (pick a monster), ego friend (pick a monster) (cursed), ego heal, ego talking, fire damage, life steal hit, life steal kill, lightning damage, magic damage, mana steal hit, mana steal kill, poison damage, proc Arcane Swarm, proc Arctic Shard, proc Armor Melt, proc Ball Lightning, proc Bleeding, proc Burst of Speed, proc Chain Lightning, proc Confuse, proc Cripple, proc Earthquake, proc Fear, proc Fire Weapon, proc Flame Wall, proc Ice Storm, proc Immolation, proc Life Steal, proc Lightning Swarm, proc Mana, proc Marked for Death, proc Net, proc Poison, proc Poison Nova, proc Prevent Heal, proc Rupture Armor, proc Sleight of Hand, and weapon speed
  • Attacking items only (weapon & gloves) - armor piercing, critical hit, critical hit damage (weapon & gloves only), crushing blow, deep wounds, and stunning blow
  • Weapon or armor items only - crystal, durability mult, ego, obsidian, and socket
  • Blocking items only (gloves, shields, staves, and swords only) - blocking
  • Spell focus items only (cloth gloves, necklaces, rings, staves, wands, and cloth wrists only) - cast time
  • Shields only - mana steal block, proc on Block Curse, proc on Block Frost, proc on Block Reflection, and proc on Block Summon
  • Movement items only (boots and greaves only) - movement speed
  • Mana class items only (no-plate armor, jewelry, maces, necklaces, relics, rings, staves, and wands) - regen Power
  • NPC items only (anything but bags) - happiness, morale, and sanity
  • Any item type - all character attibutes, attack, better items, better potions, cold damage mult, cold resistance, combat experience, cursed dexterity, cursed intelligence, cursed light, cursed spirit, cursed strength, cursed vitality, damage over time mult (Orc Schism/Din's Legacy only), defense, dexterity, direct spell damage mult (Orc Schism/Din's Legacy only), disarm trap, elemental resistance, escape notice, explosion range, extra projectiles, fire damage mult, fire resistance, food sense (only Zombasite), heal mult, health, intelligence, light, lightning damage mult, lightning resistance, lower requirements, magic damage mult, magic resistance, money, more items, perception, pet armor, pet damage, pet health, pet movement, pet resistance, poison damage mult, poison resistance, mana, regen Health, spell damage mult, spirit, stamina, status effect duration, strength, vitality, and zombie resistance
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