Level attributes

These are all of the things that you can specify to build a unique level.

  • Name
  • Area type - forest, desert, grasslands, tropics, dungeon, cave, town, ruins (Orc Schism and Din's Legacy only), tower (Din's Legacy only), lair (Din's Legacy only), road (Din's Legacy only), graveyard (Din's Legacy only), hills (Din's Legacy only), and villages (Din's Legacy only)
  • Specific area layout (optional, basically which one of the area files you want to use - name, desc or screenshot would probably work)
  • Up to 3 modifiers (see below)
  • Terrain (Din's Legacy only) - hilly, normal, or fairly flat. Dungeons are always totally flat.
  • Daylight color/nighttime color (mostly looking for an rgb tint)
  • Ambient creatures - rat, bat, spider, scorpion, or faeries
  • Weather - dry, normal, wet, etc (can also specify winter only)
  • Sign text (name, short history, warning, etc) at entrance (optional)
  • Fog density and color (optional)


  • Above ground only - Rain, Tornados, Dry, and Storms
  • Below ground only - Unstable
  • Any level - Noisy, Traps, Gargoyles, Undead, Haunted, Demons, Spiders, Dark Elves, Horror, Acid, Warehouse, Fire Hazard, Explosion Hazard, Mushrooms, Monster Traps, Trickster Realm, Objects, Darkness, Bright, Fear, Cursed, Magma, Fog, Aggressive, AntiMagic, Gigantism, Fleet Of Foot, Berserk, Temporal Flux, Electrical Hazard, Monster Rarity, and Insanity
  • Zombasite/Above ground only - Hunting, Foraging, Fishing, Trapping, Hunting Bad, Foraging Bad, Fishing Bad, Trapping Bad, Famine, Health Potion Foraging, Health Potion Foraging Bad, Mana Potion Foraging, and Mana Potion Foraging Bad
  • Din's Legacy only - Crystal Blue, Crystal Green, Crystal Orange, Crystal Red, Crystal White, Crystal Yellow, Orc, Witch, Smuggler, Pirate, Wizard, Thief, Mercenary, Fanatic, Illusion, Druid, Blood, Torches Off (below ground only), Locks (below ground only), Hounds, Monsters, Death, Decay, Rowdy (towns only), Rest (towns only), Extreme, Quiet, Corpses, Damned, Thorns, Bones, Cult, Frost, Necromancy, Shadows, Hunt, Illusions, Poison, Reptiles, Fire, Plague, Rage, Lightning, Elements, Lost Souls, Magic, Might, Battle, Secrets, Crystals, Wishes, Machines, Mind, Large Monsters, Scavengers, Scorpions, Nagas, Zombies, Dangerous Monsters, Magic Objects, Avatars Good, Avatars Evil, Pit Traps, and Ancient
  • Treasure related (Orc Schism and Din's Legacy only) (these are rare so it will need to fit your theme) - Treasure, Mining, Obelisk Heaven, Money, Secret Pirate, Chests, and Item Rarity

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