First Screenshots

Here's the first screenshots that we have released for Depths of Peril.  All three of these actually take place within the town of Jorvik.  You can see from these shots that we are going for a bright, colorful art style instead of the typical realistic style.  Click on any thumbnail to see a larger version.

These screenshots are all from an alpha build of the game.

In the first shot the town is under attack by Dread Warriors.  Notice the dead npc in the grass by the hut, that used to be the town's Warmaster.  Pic details - 1272x926, 301KB, bloom on.

Depths of Peril - Town Attack


The town is also under attack again in the second screenshot but this time it is from torva shaman and imps.  Pic details - 640x480, 154KB, bloom on.

Depths of Peril - Town Attack


In the last shot, two of the covenants are having a minor conflict in the middle of town and as always barbarians resolve their conflicts through combat.  Pic details - 640x480, 205KB, bloom on.

Depths of Peril - Minor Conflict

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