New screenshots

Here are a few more screenshots that show a little more variety in locations.  All 3 are at night.

This shot is in Amber Plains and shows the player getting attacked by a lich.  Pic details - 1016x734, 146KB, bloom off.

Depths of Peril - Amber Plains


This shot is in High Desert.  The player is getting attack by a pair of lightning elementals, but what is more interesting is there are 2 orcs and 2 zombies off to right fighting each other.  Pic details - 1016x734, 127KB, bloom off.

Depths of Peril - High Desert


This shot is in Hinterland Forest and shows the player surrounded by giant spiders.  Pic details - 1016x734, 123KB, bloom off.

Depths of Peril - Hinterland Forest

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