In Depths of Peril we present the background story a little bit different than most games.  Instead of a short boring blurb inside of a manual we have many tomes in the game that you can find and read more about the background history of Aleria.  Typically these are in short story form but there are also some histories and some myths.  Currently the stories amount to about 60,000 words (about half of a novel).  Of course, Depths of Peril is an action game, so the background stories are completely optional to read but they do tend to give more meaning to a lot of the monsters, items, and places in the game. 

Anyways, we plan on publishing many of these stories right here.  Up until we ship Depths of Peril we will probably publish a new story every week or two.

All stories were written by Delilah Rehm.

Here is how all of the stories are related to each other.  Click on any of the links to go straight to the selected story or scroll down farther on this page to see the first paragraph of each story.

Barbarian Required Reading

Great Wars of Aleria, Depths of Peril, Dragon Stone

Great War 1: Theft of a God

Time Renewed, Wind of Din, Gift of a ThiefAbode of the Spider, Fallen Statue, Fuse Douleur's Statue Trap

Great War 2: Globe of Darkness

The Dark War, Tover of the Dark, Forgotten Cave, Fire Scrape, Dark Escape

Great War 3: Crusades

The Crusade of Light, Frozen Crystal, Murder in Markar, The Taken

Great War 4: March of Evil

Reign of Terror, Double Edge, Draaien and the Ring, Tribute, Battle of Forfarshire, Orc Mother, Zombie Deadfall, Looking Red the Crystals' Cry


Myths of Origins: Wood Elves, Myths of Origins: Teratai, Myths of Origins: Human, Myths of Origins: Barbarian, Myths of Origins: Dwarves, Myths of Origins: Sade, Myths of Origins: Dark Elves, Myths of Origins: Lumen, The Legend of Rimround


Necromancer, In the Eye, Inheritance, Assassin Hide and Seek, Oath Undone

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