The Crusade of Light (Great War 3)

by Derwen the Historian

     In 927 new age, the human kingdoms reached an agreement and began a campaign of the sade, barbarian and teratai neighbors to join them in a war of wars, a war to honor the Gods and Goddesses by eliminating evil races. The leaders of these kingdoms never intended to wipe out all enemies, only knock them back below ground, where they came from.

     The campaign began spring of the year 928 new age. In the northern deserts, barbarians joined the Brechin Kingdom fighting saurian and naga. The Krieg warriors headed east into the forests. The Belog and Temp Kingdoms joined forces through the middle of the deserts and dry scrub. In the southern deserts, the Tune Kingdom advanced. The sade scoured the jungles toward the mountains.   

References: Human, Sade, Barbarian, Teratai, Saurian, Naga

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