Being an action RPG, damage is pretty critical in Depths of Peril.  Here's how damage is calculated in the game: 

Damage = ( BaseDamage * Multipliers ) + ExtraDamage


  • BaseDamage = 1 to 4 + damage from weapon
  • Multipliers come from strength, current effects, passive skills, and skill used in the attack
  • All multipliers are added together before the multiply
  • If multplier is greater than 0, then 1.0 + multiplier is really used in the equation
  • If multiplier is less than 0, then 1.0 / ( 1.0 - multiplier ) is used in the equation
  • Some multipliers only effect certain types of damage, like strength only boosts physical damage
  • If you get a crushing blow, it will automatically use the max value
  • If you get a critical hit, it will multiply the final value by 2

Monsters and recruits work like this also, but monsters have a higher natural base damage and recruits have some hidden multipliers (for balance reasons).

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