Your lifestone is what resurrects you and your recruits when you are killed, so it is kind of important.  Also, all of the members of your covenant are bound to the lifestone so if it is destroyed, they are all killed.  So here is how your and your enemy lifestones work:

Health = ( PlayerHealth + all RecruitHealths ) * 6.0 * LifestoneBonus

Where LifestoneBonus is bonuses from relics and/or covenant.


Regen per minute = MaxMemberHealth * 0.6

Armor = MaxMemberArmor

Defense = MaxMemberDefense * 0.75

Resistance = MaxMemberResistance (each type is separate)

Where MaxMemberX means the lifestone uses the value from the covenant member with the highest value of this type.


Each time you or a recruit dies, the lifestone loses health equal to the killed member's max health.  This happens until the lifestone's health is down to 25%.  Once below 25% the lifestone only takes damage from magic and melee attacks, not resurrecting covenant members.

Healing at the lifestone does NOT cause the lifestone to lose health.

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