Recruits are a really important part of your covenant.  While you as the leader of your covenant tend to be stronger than recruits, you can have up to 5 of them so they make up a very large portion of your covenant's power.  Recruits seem pretty simple up front, but there is a lot to take into account when choosing which recruits to keep and which ones to recruit.



The simplest part of recruits is their level and class.  This works exactly like the player.



Each recruit has 4 skills.  One or two of these will be always be the same based on the recruits class, but the rest of the skills will be random.


Required skills: Power Strike

Random skills: Gut, Crush, Cleave, Whirlwind, Enrage, Riposte, Revenge, Devastating Blow, OverPower, Retaliation, Plate Armor, Crushing Blow, Bleed, Arms Mastery, Precision, Block, Parry, Quick Temper


Required skills: Slice, Lethal Blow

Random skills: Rupture, Jab, Viper Venom, Death Blow, Critical Strike, Charged Strike, Dazzle, Feint, Stealth, Concentration: Poison, Concentration: Speed, Concentration: Blur, Combat Reflexes, Precision, Deadly Aim, Spot Vulnerability


Required skills: HolyBolt, Prayer

Random skill: Retribution, Holy Fire, Smite, Zeal, Holy Strike, Holy Symbol, Hardiness, True Aim, Shield Of Fire, Holy Shield, Fire Resistance, Lightning Resistance, Poison Resistance, Cold Resistance, Mail Armor, Lifeburn, Crushing Blow, Precision


Required skills: Fiery Blast

Random skills: Fireball, Arctic Shard, Frost Nova, Spontaneous Combustion, Ice Storm, Weakness, Lightning Blast, Iron Skin, Earthquake, Chain Lightning, Ball Lightning, Blinding Flash, Armor Melt, Concentration, Hidden Magic, Deep Thought



Each recruit can also have up to 4 random bonuses.  It is rare for recruits to even have one bonus, so keep a look out for these.  You will see an extra icon for each bonus on the recruits character page if he/she has any.  Bonuses also come in minor and normal versions.

Available bonuses: Extra Strength, Quickness, Stone Skin, Defender, Fire Resistance, Cold Resistance, Lightning Resistance, Poison Resistance, Extra Dexterity, Extra Vitality, Extra Intelligence, and Extra Spirit


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