Trade Routes

Setting up trade routes can be very beneficial for both covenants.  Covenant's with trade routes tend to like each other more and they will over time both receive more crystals to be used for guards, trade, and starting rumors.

Tiny Trade Route

Min Relation: 52.5
Starting Cost: -10.0 crystals
Max Benefit: +10.0%


Small Trade Route

Min Relation: 57.5
Starting Cost: -20.0 crystals
Max Benefit: +17.5%


Medium Trade Route

Min Relation: 62.5
Starting Cost: -32.5 crystals
Max Benefit: +25.0%


Large Trade Route

Min Relation: 67.5
Starting Cost: -42.5 crystals
Max Benefit: +32.5%


Huge Trade Route

Min Relation: 72.5
Starting Cost: -52.5 crystals
Max Benefit: +40.0%



  • If your relation is below the required minimum relation with that covenant, you still might be able to setup a trade route with them but they will require influence and/or crystals to make up the difference
  • Sometimes covenants will still refuse to setup trade routes even if they like you enough, usually this is because they simply can't afford the setup costs.
  • The min relation are general numbers, some covenants might actually trade before or after this.
  • The starting cost is the cost in crystals per tax period.  Trade routes are costly to set up, so they cost crystals for a while.  The trade route will start at this value, but will slowly move up until it gets to the max value.
  • The max benefit is calculated by multiplying this % by each of the covenant's natural tax rate and using the number from the covenant with the lowest value.  So if two covenants start a tiny trade route (a max benefit of 10%) and covenant 1 has a natural tax of 100 crystals and covenant 2 has a natural tax of 500 crystals, the trade route will be based off of covenant 1's 100 crystals and will result in a max benefit of 10 crystals per tax period.
  • Also notice that the max benefit % might never change, but the specific max value will move up as the two covenants tax rates move up.
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