This intellectual's studies have paid off greatly, for they wield demon powers like possession and demonic control. (Demon War expansion)

Bonuses: higher mana per spirit, higher mana regen per spirit and higher resistance per spirit (fire, cold, lightning, & poison)
Mana gen: Normal
Armor: Cloth and Capes
Weapons: Daggers

Din's Curse - Impale skillImpale - An attack with a high chance of critical hits.


Din's Curse - Possession skillPossession - Become a powerful demon for a short period of time.


Din's Curse - Inferno skillInferno - Become a living fire and damage anything within range.


Din's Curse - Demonic Roar skillDemonic Roar - Scares all nearby enemies and decreases their combat abilities.


Din's Curse - Blood Rage skillBlood Rage - Use this added damage skill after each time you’re hit (stacks up to four).


Din's Curse - Blood Sacrifice skillBlood Sacrifice - A big boost to your damage for a short time but also drains your health while active.


Din's Curse - Circle of Protection skillCircle of Protection - Adds 25 physical resistance per skill level to all friendlies within the circle.


Din's Curse - Circle of Power skillCircle of Power - Increases power (physical damage 15%, critical hits 10%, crushing blows 10%, magic critical hits 10%, and magic crushing blows 10% per skill level) to all friendlies within the circle.

Din's Curse - Demon Armor skillDemon Armor - Using pieces of vanquished demons, increases your armor and decreases chances of you taking critical hits and crushing blows.

Din's Curse - Demonic Control skillDemonic Control - The ultimate in knowledge from demons. Subvert the will of the victim and make them an ally for a short period of time.

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