This shapeshifter has the power of the earth to command, changing form and other magic to defeat the monsters of the deep.

Bonuses: Higher mana per spirit
Mana gen: Higher mana regen from spirit and mana regen buff
Armor: Cloth, Leather, and Capes
Weapons: Staves

Druid - Sap StrengthSap Strength - Decreases the amount of physical damage an enemy deals.


Druid - BarkskinBarkskin - Strengthens your armor for a time.


Druid - EarthquakeEarthquake - Causes an earthquake, damaging all enemies in a large area.


Druid - Mana RegenMana Regen - Regenerates mana over time.


Druid - Strength of StoneStrength of Stone - Increases your strength for a while.


Druid - Earth LinkEarth Link - Ties yourself closer to the earth resulting in higher health and extra poison resistance.


Druid - Nature's RevengeNature's Revenge - Causes poison damage over time.


Druid - KodiakKodiak - Change form into a fierce Kodiak. Beware, you can't use any skills during this time.


Druid - StalkerStalker - Change form into a quick Stalker. Beware, you can't use any skills during this time.


Druid - Earth MasteryEarth Mastery - Enhances the following earth skills: Barkskin, Strength of Stone, Earthquake, Sap Strength, Earth Link, and Nature's Revenge

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