Fire Mage

This flame specialist burns foes to ash using scorching fire magic.

Bonuses: higher defense per dexterity, higher mana per intelligence, and higher mana regen per intelligence
Mana gen: Higher mana gain from mana potions and drinks
Armor: Cloth and Capes
Weapons: Staves

Din's Curse - Fiery BlastFiery Blast - Attack your enemies with fire.


Din's Curse - FireballFireball - Deal fire damage to multiple enemies within range with this explosion.

Din's Curse - Sweeping FlamesSweeping Flames - This cone-shaped fire attack burns anything in its path.


Din's Curse - ImmolationImmolation - Boil your victims from within with lingering fire damage.

Din's Curse - Shield of FireShield of Fire - Protects you from fire damage as well as burning enemies who hit you for a while.

Din's Curse - Flame BladeFlame Blade - Enchants flames onto your weapon adding gobs of fire damage for a time.

Din's Curse - Fire ElementalFire Elemental - Creates a Fire Elemental (only can control one at a time).  Each skill level increases the fire elemental level by 1.

Din's Curse - VolcanoVolcano - Bring forth a surge of lava from the ground. Great fire damage occurs over 5 seconds.

Din's Curse - Fire MaelstromFire Maelstrom - A huge, swirling fire of death traps enemies and hurts them.  Large amounts of fire damage occurs over 5 seconds.

Din's Curse - Fire MasteryFire Mastery - Enhances the following fire skills: Fiery Blast, Fireball, Sweeping Flames, Immolation, Volcano, and Fire Maelstrom

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